The Purposed

It is about genetically modified humans, each placed as babies into a grand experiment. But the government is planning something shady...

I am actually going to try and publish and sell this book, so don't copy this!


2. Chapter Two

The Purposed

Chapter Two


    I looked around. I saw... green.


Lots of green. Some brown, but still mostly green. Spongy moss cushioning my hands and feet as I touch the green ground. A rustling of leaves greets my ears as I stand and reach to the green canopy. Hints of blue snuck through the thick blanket of leaves as the wind made the trees sway back and forth. I could hear a sweet noise, like a pan flute, among the high branches and occasionally caught glimpses of red and blue between the twigs. Birds. I crawled forward, the plasticy leaves sliding beneath my weight. One of the birds flew down and landed on a leaf nearby. I scooted in, moving to pet the bird. It hopped back and once my hand was clumsily placed on the patch of leaves where it had been previously sitting, it hopped onto the back of my hand. It leaned in very close to my hand, eying it carefully. It stood up, like a painted soldier, and took a perch on the base of my wrist where it sat regally, as if nothing was new or different with his world. I plopped back onto my bottom, not wanting to move and scare the bird away. The bird shuffled and turned his head to me, willing me to move. I stood up and the bird, unfazed, clung on through the wobbly process. Now standing, it felt more right. The bird, its grip tight on my wrist, my feet, wider than I thought normal, but good for balancing. I took a step and nearly fell, but Painted Soldier flapped his wings mightily and kept me on my feet. I looked towards the bird, wanting to thank him, and he whistled his little panpipe song. I heard him whistle and began to understand. I took this opportunity to listen around me, to figure out what the birds were saying. After less than five minutes, I could tell what every conversation was about, who was upset, who was serene, and how to say thank you. I whistled a little tune to the bird and he bobbed his head up and down, as if understanding, or even dancing, I thought to myself. I kept whistling different tunes to try and understand where I was and how to live here. He told me about the edible blue grass, the bugs that live here to keep and use, and the bugs to stay away from. He told me where he lived, up on the yellow barked tree in the north corner of the woods, he told me the places to place his hands and feet while climbing a tree, he told me about the juicy blue fruit high up in the orange leafed trees. I found leaves the color of Painted Soldier and made twine out of grass and leaf stems. I soon had made a cloak like the wings of Painted Soldier and camouflage my clothes that I came here with. I looked around, and began to climb a tree. Knowing above anything else that this place was safe. This place, is home.

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