The Purposed

It is about genetically modified humans, each placed as babies into a grand experiment. But the government is planning something shady...

I am actually going to try and publish and sell this book, so don't copy this!


6. Chapter Six

The Purposed

Chapter Six


    I heard a tree branch crack overhead.

I looked up, but all I saw was a mangle of leaves and vines. My moccasin like shoes didn’t make a sound as I stepped past a particularly large branch and was left staring into the face of a large, almost baboon like monkey.

    Scientist #48029 ran to the East Sector’s observation room as fast as he could when he heard about the monkey situation. ‘I thought that was supposed to be next week! Must have forgot...’

    Scientist #48140 almost collided into his partner as they arrived in the East Jungle’s viewing room. He tripped on his untied shoelace, mentally scolded himself and wished once again that he could be reassigned to Test Subject Two. ‘All they do is choose one wall of the box to sit by, and even then he moves around quite a bit, but with long spaces in between. It’s like having a three hour work day!’

    The fallen supervisor stood up, and the two scientists made their way to the main observation viewer. The window itself was much too crowded, and with this they could record important data or review anything quickly. #48029 liked slo-mo better, because that way he could miss less, and still be able to put more details down. #48029 reached for the slow down button but his partner smacked his hand away. There would be no slo-mo today.

    Subject #5 reached for a spear strung to his back behind his cape. Slinging the weapon out, he waved it in the face of the monkey, crouched in a defensive position with his other arm being held out for balance. He took one half-step back and the monkey leaped.

    ¨He’s becoming getting attacked by a monkey!¨ Scientist #48029 squealed. He was freaking out, to say the least. His hands were constantly moving, if he had been writing his paper would’ve been a mangled mess of scribbles and tears.

    Scientist #48140 watched as Subject #5 defended against the monkey. The subject had adopted an interesting technique against his foe. Instead of aiming generally for his chest of neck, he cut at the monkey’s arms and legs, occasionally taking a jab at it’s face. ‘It’s eyes,’ the scientist noticed, ‘He’s aiming for the eyes.’

    Painted Soldier swept in and grabbed one of the monkey’s ears, opening the primate’s defence for a fraction of a second. Subject #5 didn’t hesitate, he thrust the spear forward, tilted at a downward angle. The monkey screeched in pain as the stone blade opened a gash in it’s arm. The creature scampered away, limping slightly before it began to climb into the hanging vines. Painted Soldier landed on Subject #5’s shoulder and the boy put away the spear, slipping it back into the rope tied behind his cape.

    ‘Subject #5 was aiming for the arms, legs, and eyes, so the monkey couldn’t attack him. Arms to weaken the monkey’s attacks and make it fear him, legs to inhibit moving or escape, maybe even sudden charges, and the eyes...’ Scientist #48140 rewatched the data tape beside the video of the fight with the monkey. In slo-mo of course, #48029 insisted. Subject #5 spun his spear past the monkey’s tail, the wooden shaft slamming into the primate’s leg. #48029 spilled some popcorn on the floor, ‘Where does he get stuff like that? Does he have a personal vending machine? I’m pretty sure that we’re the only experiment with a janitorial service.’

    Subject #5 climbed onto the branch that had previously carried the monkey, pulling himself up onto a higher limb a few feet above it. After a few minutes, he reached a high point where several trees were so close, their branches were beginning to grow together. The weave of the thick branches supported up to at least three times Subject #5’s weight, or so the scientists estimated, and the mesh of twigs and leaves was luxury compared to almost anything else you could find in the harsh, jungle environment. Subject #5 began to lay down, tilting his back up some so that he was still sitting. Painted soldier landed on one of his hands, the arms propping him up not bothering or getting in the way of the colorful bird. They sat there, looking into the sunset, until Test Subject #5 laid down, and Painted Soldier lay in the crook of his arm, sleeping alongside him.

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