The Purposed

It is about genetically modified humans, each placed as babies into a grand experiment. But the government is planning something shady...

I am actually going to try and publish and sell this book, so don't copy this!


1. Chapter One

The Purposed

Chapter One


    The space was a bright white.


I looked around, I saw a box around me, big. Not really very big, but big. So high that if I grew five more feet I still would have ten or fifteen more to go. I looked down, confused. My hands were small and pudgy, my arms, thick, like barrels. The air was light, very light. I tried to crawl forward, I began to fly off the floor! I looked around beginning to panic, arms and legs reaching to try and gain purchase on the thick, shiny, glass. There was white dots, on light gray lines. As my thick fingers dragged across the screen, the dots moved and I began to hear sounds. A few soft sounds, like a whisper of the ocean, and some louder noises similar to a tree falling down. The clashing noises began to hurt my ears and I reached to turn them back. I was too far away. I began to spin, which made me even more frustrated. Stop! I screamed in my mind, everything stopped. Well, except for the spinning. Go, I thought, experimenting with what I could do. The noises immediately beginning to scrape at my delicate eardrums. Stop, stop, stop! not wanting to have to endure the boisterous cacophony of noises again. Down, I thought, thinking I would drift down to the presumed floor. Instead, I saw the white dots slide back to their starting points on the lines. I saw a corner, far away, on the opposite side of the room. I emitted a general thought connected to the corner. Towards. To my surprise, I began to float towards the nook at the far side of the wall. Encouraged, I shouted ¨Faster, faster!¨ as I became aware of my progress towards the corner. Nothing happened. I realized that it was for the noises, so i repeated slower in my mind twice, to fix the tempo. Remembering how I traveled before, I issued the general thought of the corner, this time accompanied by a different word, quick. I zoomed towards the corner, energized by my new discovery. With the corner approaching fast, I calmly thought stop. nothing happened. I panicked, remembering that stop was for the music. Music! That was new. I imagined all of the dials speeding to the opposite end and thinking, go! There was a huge feeling, a boom. I wasn’t drifting towards the corner anymore. I felt the vibrations on my eyes and feet, and wondered why it was happening, plus where the sound went. I felt like I died for a few seconds, I almost believed it. When I came back to touch with the world, I realized I was deaf. I curled up into a tight ball, wanting to be home again. Where was home? Those were the last thoughts and words I remember thinking before I fell asleep, cocooned in the vibrations and soft glowing of the glass.

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