You Have One New Rockstar

Maxine Parker, was only sixteen when she met, Max Green. They had known each other over the internet for quite some time. Max, was an eighteen year old that had a dream, that was to be in a band. Maxine, supported him as she loved him and he loved her. Years passed and Max got his dream. He was in a band called Escape The Fate then Falling in Reverse. Max, left Falling in Reverse to start his own band, Violent New Breed. This band was based where twenty-eight year old, Maxine, lived. It had been years since the two talked. Now there was a chance. Could ,Maxine, finally get to be with the man she loved since she met him that chat room so long ago?


1. When Max met Maxine

December 15th, 2003 

MaxiCat264: Hey Max!

GreenKiller654 is typing...

GreenKiller654: Hey you!

MaxiCat264 is typing...

MaxiCat264: So how did the signing go? By the way Happy Birthday!

GreenKiller654 is typing....

GreenKiller654: It went amazing! We're signed! Thank you babe. Hey I gotta go I'll talk to you tomorrow, I love you!

MaxiCat264 is typing...

MaxiCat264: That's great! I love you too! 

Everyone in the Chat has signed off...


Max's message never did send the next day. Nor did it for the next eleven years. I never did hear from him again, but I know he's happy because his dream came true. He made it as a musician and a great one too. I smiled and walked out of the theater in my hometown of LA. I had made it as an actor in the theater and as a part-time singer in a cafe. 

I walked down the street to the nearest bar and sat down in a booth by myself. I didn't usually drink, but today was one of those days. I heard laughter and talking from the booth behind me. I smiled knowing other people were happy. I wasn't always the happiest person, I was quite lonely at twenty-eight. I had never had an actual boyfriend and was virtually friendless. I ordered a shot of whiskey and some cola. I dumped the whiskey into the soft drink and took a sip. I hadn't noticed the long haired man watching me. I looked over at him and he smiled sweetly. It was warm and inviting as he motioned me over. That's when I realized I still hadn't put my lip ring or nose ring back in. I motioned back for a second and put them in. I walked over to him and he smiled, "Hi there," he said sweetly. 

"Hi," I replied as I sat down and got a better look at him. He was quite handsome. He looked to be about twenty-nine or maybe thirty. He had snake bites and a nose ring along with some gauges. Definitely my type of guy.

"What's going on, beautiful?" He asked flirtatiously. I felt my cheeks heat up, a sign that I was blushing. 

"Oh you know just getting off work for the day," I said a flirty as I could. He smirked, obviously it worked. 

"Wonderful! How bout you tell me you're name and I buy you dinner?" My eyes widened at his words. I was shocked, but you know he seemed nice so what could go wrong? 

"Maxine. Maxine Parker," I replied. He gasped and stood up out of his seat. What had I said.

"Maxine? It's me Max!" He almost yelled in shock. I almost fainted right then and there. Could this really be my Max? 


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