Cousins and Love (rewritten)

Jenna is a normal 19 year old, besides the fact that Louis Tomlinson is her cousin. When Jenna has no where to go, Louis lets her live with him and his roommates, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry. When theres only one girl in a house full of boys, its only natural that drama, love and secrets will come out. No one is safe.



“Ow” I said as I felt something hit me in the face. I itched my head and then opened my eyes to find all of us sprawled out all over the living room floor. Louis laid on the couch, Niall was on the floor below him, Zayn was next to the fireplace, and Liam and Harry were sleeping on either side of me on the floor. I carefully moved their arms off of me and tiptoed out of the room and into my bed. I laid there on my phone for several hours until Zayn came in. 

“Good morning babe! breakfast is ready” He said cheerfully smiling at me his brown eyes full of life. I groaned but somehow got myself out of bed in time for some eggs and bacon made by Harry. We all sat around the breakfast table, the boys creating some small talk.

“So how did you all sleep?” Niall said, his mouth full of food. Everyone managed to mumble out some “good”s or “well”s while eating. When we were all done we gathered around the tv in the living room. 

“Sooooo” Harry said awkwardly, the silence overtaking the room. “Truth or dare was fun last night”

I giggled remembering the funny dares and truths that were told last night. 

“We didn’t even get through all the dares I wanted to tell” Louis whined while we all laughed.

“Fine we can just continue the game right now I guess” Zayn said. Louis smiled widely. 

“Ok, truth or dare…Liam!” Louis yelled and pointed to Liam.

“um, truth” He said as he leaned back into the couch awaiting his question.

“Who is the most beautiful girl you’ve ever met?” Louis asked.

“Jenna” Liam said without even thinking. Louis looked shocked and after Liam realized what he had just said he quickly covered his mouth with his hands, his face turning a pink color. I could feel my face heat up too because of the “ooh”s that were said around the room. 

“Sorry” Liam said quietly then walked out of the room. I quickly got up too and followed him to his room.

“Hey, wait up” I said, stopping Liam from shutting the door to his room. “It’s ok really. You shouldn't be embarrassed”.

“Yea…It just kind of made things awkward ya know” Liam said while rubbing his hand behind his neck. I nodded and looked at the floor. 

“But you are really beautiful” He said, his eyes looking directly into mine. 

“Thanks..” I said staring back and before I knew it Liam was leaning in. Right when I realized what was happening, I turned my head, my cheek facing his lips. 

“We should probably go back downstairs” I said quietly trying not to make things more awkward then they already were. He chuckled a little bit and nodded, taking in the rejection, and following me downstairs.


A photoshopped pick of Jenna and the boys lol:

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