Cousins and Love (rewritten)

Jenna is a normal 19 year old, besides the fact that Louis Tomlinson is her cousin. When Jenna has no where to go, Louis lets her live with him and his roommates, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry. When theres only one girl in a house full of boys, its only natural that drama, love and secrets will come out. No one is safe.



I woke up to the sound of my doorbell ringing throughout my house. I was too tired to get up and convinced myself that whoever was here would eventually leave. The doorbell rang three more times before I groggily dragged myself out of bed. I tried not to trip on any of the boxes in my room as I stumbled down the stairs (which seem steeper than usual when you are half asleep) and opened the door to see an unfamiliar face. 

“Hello!” He exclaimed brightly ignoring my bed head and blue ducky pajamas. 

“Hey” I said tiredly low key trying to fix my hair. I was in desperate need to look less bad then I already did in front of this brown eyed boy. 

“Um sorry to wake you but Louis sent me to come pick you up…You're moving in today right?” He gave a nervous smile. Ugh he's one of Louis’ roommates there goes any chance of having a hot boyfriend. 

“Yea I am” I said trying not to sound as dead as before. “I guess i’ll go get dressed now but you can wait inside” I said while opening the door wider and gesturing for him to come in. He smiled and nodded, his brown hair bobbing with his head when he walked inside. 

“Wait” I proclaimed, “I didn’t catch your name”

“Liam” he said then stuck his hand out to shake mine. I smiled back looking into his light brown eyes. I then turned away and walked back to my room.


My room was covered in boxes filled with clothes and things that I wanted to take to Louis’ house. Moving into his house was nerve-racking to me since he lived with four other boys close to my age. I wanted to make a good impression. After taking one last good look at my room, I dug out a grey knitted pull over sweater, some leggings, and boots. After, I went to my bathroom and applied my makeup and other morning stuff that people do in the bathroom. When I was done, I went back downstairs where I found Liam sitting on my couch watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s”. 

“Great show huh?” I said while smirking and leaning against the door frame. He was startled and his face turned red as he quickly shut off the tv.

“Yep” he said uneasily. 

“So should we go now?” I said as he nodded and we went back upstairs to grab boxes to bring to Liam’s car.



Hey guys just wanted to add this picture to show you what Jenna looks like:

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