Gem and Rin is two girl twins. They are both 15 years, almost 16. Their's lives have been really hard, since their parents died in a "accident." Now they moved into a new city and tries a new school for the Fifth time. One day a they get a gift with a ring and a necklace in it, signed "A Family Member" and Things..Begins to happend around the girls.


1. Prologue

I was sitting on the ground. Alone, lost and covered in blood. “Where am i?” “S-sister? Sister, where are you?!” I looked around, but to see nothing. I could slowly feel the tears rolling down my red heated cheeks. “All I wanted..was to protect you.”


“Gem? Are you alright?” I woke up and sat up. I looked over at my sister and gave her a weak smile. “Yearh, I’m okay.” She smiled at me and walked over to me. She sat down next me and laid her head on my shoulder. “Are you sure?” I looked at her confused. “Yes! I am sure!” I laughed. Of course I were lying, how could I ever be okay when I saw things like that in my dreams?  I would do everything to protect Rin, she is my beloved sister after all.


Houses were burning and corpses were everywhere. I could still hear the screaming and crying from the people who’d been here. “Sister..please..” I cried. I looked down at my necklace, I could see that the green stone were broken. “No way..” My eyes widen and I looked around. “I-I…I did this?!” “I used my power, without knowing it. That’s why everything is broken and burning..?” “I broke the very first rule of being a-“ “Gem!” “Huh…I can hear..Rin..” I looked around, but I couldn’t see her. “Gem!” “Rin?! Rin, where are you?!” “Over here Gem! Over here! I need you, I’m bleeding and can’t get up!” “R-Rin! I’m coming for you!” I stood up and ran as fast I could, trying to get to the sound of my sister. “Gem! Gem please!” I ran faster. “RIN! Call my name! I’m coming for you!” And there she was. Lying on the ground, covered in blood and by shadows. I ran over to her and kneeled in front of her. “Rin..” She was dead. I could see on her scars and bruises that she had been dead for some hours. But how?! I just heard her voice, I bloody heard it! “Gem..i need you…i..hah..i need-ahahahahah!!!” Someone tricked me. I stood up and looked around. “WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!” I screamed at the voice.


“I simply want you, Gem Everlin.”

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