dont let the colours fade to grey

"hey im maddie."
"hey im calum."

"um I think that-that your cute."


1. chap 1 👲

Calum's pov

"hey cal, I want you to finally meet my sister. come to mine tonight." luke asked me because I was one of the only people who were single in year 9. "yeah sure." I reply.

Luke's house

"hey mads, come down for a minute quick!" luke loudly called to her as I heard heavy footsteps running down the stairs.

"omg luke you scared me I thought something bad happened." a small voice said of a girl dressed in a hoodie, shorts and a messy bun. gee, she was attractive. ive seen her before at Luke's but never really this close.

"haha no sis, I want you to finally meet calum." luke says looking at his smaller sister.

"hey im maddie."

"hey im calum." I softly say back looking at her in the eyes.

"is this calum who you never shut up about and can I go up to my room now?" maddie groans.

luke grins and says, "only if we come."

maddie sighs and walks up to her room as luke and I follow.

her room was cute. it's was painted black but all her walls were pretty much covered by posters.

maddie sits on her bed and luke sits next to her. I sit on a chair on the opposite side of the room because who wants a boy you just met on your bed.

it was awkwardly silent so I cleared my throat," um maddie so why don't you go to Norwest?"

"uh um well I-I got into a selective school and I wished that I didn't." she sounded nervous.

luke stood up "well I might get some good or something."

leaving maddie and I together alone.

"so uh do you like these bands? who's your favourite?"

"well blink-182 is cool." maddie says. I get up and find Luke's room and grab the first guitar I see and bring it back to maddies room. this time I sit next to her bed instead and start strumming the guitar.

"what is your favourite song?" I ask.

"I miss you."

I start playing the intro for i miss you and start to sing..

hello there,

the angel from my nightmare,

the shadow in the background of the morgue,

the unsuspecting victim...

I finish the song and maddie stares at me in shock.

"wow calum I had no idea you played or sing! that was amazing!"

"do you?" I ask back.

"well I do sing but I can't sing and I've waited ten million years for luke to teach me but he's not gonna."

"here." I say putting the guitar on maddies lap and wrap my arms around her to reach the guitar. I start teaching her how to play but she's struggling. "don't worry, you'll eventually get it and I can come over anytime to teach you. we should head down now." I say the last sentence walking out the door but maddie grabbed my hand and stopped me. I could've gotten out of her grip but I didn't want to be rude.

"uh calum I need to say something."

I sit down next to maddie.

"uh calum I think that-that your cute."

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