The World Gone Cold

What would've happened if everything in the world went cray-cray. Like Global warning, being bullied taken to EXTREME, getting kidnapped, the world actually being controlled by an unknown person.
Oh, and the main character is being hunted down for being accused for being a member of a group which opposes the unknown person who controls the world.

I hope this story isn't confusing!


2. Let's start shall we?

????: Hello? Earth to whoever that had just fallen from the sky! Hey! Are you okay?

I opened my eyes and quietly took in my surroundings.

Main Character: **Where am I?**

????: Excuse me, miss? *Barely audible*

Main Character: **Am I in the inner wall? There's rich people everywhere.**

????: Uh... uh.. what to do, what to do? Excuse me miss! *Almost Audible*

Main Character: **Freaking lucky aristocrats!**

????: EXCUSE ME MISS!!! *As loud as a normal person would say something.*

I swiveled my head towards the sound of the voice which had spoken to me, and found a young, cute-looking boy wearing aristocrat clothes right next to me.

Young Aristocrat Boy: I am sorry for shouting but are you okay miss?

Main Character: I think I'm okay... Who are you? Where am I?

Young Aristocrat Boy: Where in the inner, inner wall and my mummy and daddy said that I shouldn't give my name out to strangers so...

Main Character: The inner, inner wall?! Oh well. That's fine with me. Is Kid okay with you?

Kid: Yep! *Smiles*

Main Character: Uh my name is... Is uhh... **What the heck is my name?!**

Kid: Don't you remember it?

Main Character: I can't remember-

The world turned black before I could finish the sentence.

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