Hello, I'm Trash

In a school that seems like any other school, students are forced to participate in a game where cards hidden throughout the place are to be found. The higher your card is, the better your status. And if you have no card? Simple. You're just trash. Julian Verlis has lived his whole life shadowed by deceit and violence, and his status as 'trash' is nothing new to him. But things start to change when he befriends the new transfer student who seems to know everyone and everything.


2. dies secundus

"Julian, please read the first paragraph."

The teacher's annoyingly cheery voice brought me out of my daydreams and I abruptly straightened up in surprise. I quickly flipped to the page I assumed we were on and began reading in a hasty manner. "With that many people dying every hour, it was difficult for Castra to properly do her job. She..." Giggles echoed throughout the entire classroom, and I stopped to look up at the teacher to see an irritated expression on her face. "Next time you don't pay attention, you'll be receiving a special detention from the headmaster."

"Haha sucks to be you, trash!" A voice called out from the front of the room; more giggling. I ignored them as best as I could and stared down at the pages before me, head hung low in shame. For the rest of the lesson, I did nothing but pretend to be minding my own business whilst secretly listening in to the ongoing conversations around me. There was nothing particular interesting that caught my attention, so I was about to just give up from the sheer exhaustion of having to listen in carefully, until I heard someone say, "That new transfer student is coming here for a tour during lunch break today!"

Transfer student? Brilliant.

Such news only meant one thing to me - Yet another person would get roped in by those who 'controlled' the student body into becoming one of them, and if there was to be any refusal... Well, there would be a new member of the 'trash society'. The only thing I could do for now was wait and see though.


Now on lunch break, I began hurriedly making my way through the long corridors within this building, but was forced to slow down upon coming across a large group of students. Letting out a sharp cry, I stepped to the side just in time when I saw someone stick out their foot to try and trip me, but to no avail. Feeling almost proud of myself, I momentarily let my guard down and failed to react in time when someone pushed me heavily from behind. I instantly lost my balance and collapsed face-first onto the ground, spilling all my books and getting a sense of déjà vu to what happened earlier this morning. A hand reached out to me from above, and I slapped it away, thinking that it was once again the ringleader who wanted to mock me.

I gathered up the last of my books and hoisted myself up, to stare into the face of someone I'd never seen before. With his neatly slicked-back, obviously dyed-blue hair, and thick-framed glasses concealing most of his face, my first thought was that he looked ridiculous. Like a joke. That was, until I remembered that there would be a transfer student touring around the school at this exact moment.

"Yo! I'm Tyler Leis, and I'm a newbie here. Let's get along, shall we?" He held out a hand for me to shake and in my state of confusion, I accepted it. What the hell was going on? “Uh… Hey?” I had no idea how to respond, and the feeling of daggers being glared at my back was doing nothing to help whatsoever. I didn't know why such a fancy looking guy would ever want to talk to trash like me. But I guessed it was because he knew nothing about the system within this school as of yet.

The ringleader suddenly made his appearance as expected and placed a hand on Tyler's shoulder; I never expected the 'brainwashing' to happen this early. "Tyler, my man! I know it's not my place to say this... But you should really stay away from Tras-" He coughed a bit. "-Julian." He grinned at me in a menacing way and though enraged, I stayed there without protesting or uttering a single word.

Now it was Tyler's turn to seem confused. "Why? He seems like a cool guy."

"Oh no, trust me. You don't want to be around him."
" I see no reason as to why I can't."

The ringleader gritted his teeth, obviously angered at the transfer student's persistence to stay with me. "Fine then! You'll regret your decision sooner or later..!" He hissed before stalking off in defeat.





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