Tale of a Telford homeless


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I think about home when I'm out and it's freezing. 
There is damp in my lungs I'm coughing and wheezing. 
Dinner tonight seems to be gone off fast food.
I eat every bite, to be wasteful is rude. 
It's grimy vomit walls, are ice cold to the touch. 
This place is a home, though it's really not much. 
I take my things with me, I leave almost no trace. 
Outside these walls, chavs fight and they race. 
But I climb my tower, to my level four.
 It's the one up the stairs, with the round the corner door.
There's two elevator doors, the right ones just for pissing.
I press the left button, it commences the hissing. 
I step inside, and sit on my board. 
I'm totally shattered, I'm totally floored. 
When it's this cold there is no time to weep. 
When it's this cold, you really can't sleep. 
I was drawn to it's lights, like a lamb to the slaughter.
The king in his castle, the castle of southwater. 

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