Broken Promises

I am a full time fan-girl, wishing to find the man to be.
I thought I did, but that was until he insulted everything I based my life on.
He broke our promise of unconditional love and you know what I said about breaking promises.
It wasn't going to happen

For Little Victory's Valentine Competition


1. How I met my man to be

I thought I had my man to be. We met at a Comic Con convention. Where the nerds all come together and meet.

I thought I had found something like me, someone who was just as crazy but my wishes came a little too true. Being a full time fangirl, I never really had a boyfriend, so dating techniques were new to me.


    His name was David. He was tall with brown hair, in a Elvis style. He stood handsomely by the Zelda Warrior Princess stand, playing with a plastic sword.

I had to stop myself from laughing because he was staring at it so intensely but I tried not to judge, I was the same with Doctor Who. 

“Hey.” I smile, walking next to him, trying to look interested in Zelda, but I wasn’t at all.

“You like Zelda too?” he asked hopefully, showing his pearly whites. I laugh and shake my head. Never start a relationship based on lies, I knew that much. 

“Nah, just trying to make conversation.” I smile, showing my not so pearly whites. He chuckles quietly and sets the sword down.

“To be honest, I was just standing here to meet girls.” He chuckles, putting his hand out in front of him.

“I’m David.” He smile, using his other hand to push the hair out of his face. I smile and shake his hand, feeling his warm, sweaty hand. 

“Allison.” I grin. I lean against the stand. 

“So why are you here?” he asks looking straight into my eyes. Again, never really had a boyfriend so this conversation went to awkward REAL fast. I tried to stare into his but ended up looking at his hands or feet.

“Just checking it out. I came here when I was 12 and I loved it so much. I love the amount of nerds here, makes me feel at home.” I giggle, slightly snorting. I watched as he checked me out. It was weird and at the same time, fun. I always wished for a guy to check me out, since I was a loner on Valentines Day for 23 years. 

“Having fun there? I ask, waving my hand in front of his face, watching his cheeks turn bright red.

“Just checking out your smoking shirt.” he pointed to my Dalek blueprint shirt. I got it for Christmas a year ago after my sister ruined my old one. I nod and look at his.

It was a Supernatural shirt.

“So, who is better? Dean, Sam or Castiel?” I giggle. My brain had switched from flirty to fan-girl debate mode.

“Dean, all the way!” he grabbed my hand and rubbed it.

“So? Which do you like better? Hmm?” He looks into my eyes, as he flirts his way into my voice box.

“Castiel all the way. Dean is overrated.” I pull my hand away and tap his chest. “Because he doesn’t hump and dump.” David’s face went from flirty to embarrassed.

“How did you..” he asks, in a low whisper.

I put my face nearly a inch away.

“I didn’t.” I put on a evil grin and I back away.

His face was priceless. I turn away, ready to leave when he grabs my arm in a hard grasp.

“I can’t go on without your phone number.” he holds a firm grasp. I pull a pen off the stand and engrave my number into his skin. 

“Hey you have to pay for that!” the stand owner shrieks, leaning over and snatching the pen out of my hand. But it was too late because I had already finished, leaving a half heart.  I point to him and walk away. As I walk away from David, I could hear the stand man yelling at him to pay.

I turn around to see David looking at me, flipping me off.

I needed something to keep this going. So I blew him a kiss before turning back for the last time.

It felt fun playing this game and for once, I think I was in love.

But that was the early days. Before I truly found out who he was


~691 words~

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