Just Friends



Hey, I'm Alexis Hood, yes Calum Hood's sister. My brother doesn't earn much money, He usually just gets dimes and other coins. I tell him that he is gifted, but he doesn't think the same thing I do. My brother's band mate is Luke Hemmings, my best friend. I grew up having no friends at school, and it was always hard to pay for mine and Calum's education. As I was saying, I never had any friends, that is, until Luke came. I think that I am starting to want to be more than best friends with him.. If you're wondering what is going on, we are homeless. "Alexis, Calum!" My mom yells, signaling us to come to her. I see her holding a happy meal from McDonalds. "Mrs. And Mr. Sanchez bought it for us" she says, smiling. She hands the bag to me. I look inside and there's a hamburger and some chicken nuggets. "Sorry it's not much." She says, looking down. Mrs and Mr Sanchez don't just up and give us the money or food, my mom works for it. She thinks I don't know, but I watch her, just to make sure she's safe. "It's okay mom" Calum says. "I wasn't hungry anyway" he finishes. "You can have it" I say handing her the bag. "Just eat. Please" She says pushing it away. "Here, I'll make you a deal. You eat the 5 chicken nuggets and I'll eat the burger." I tell her, trying to make her eat. She is so skinny, I can see her bones and rib cage. "Fine.. You win" she says, coughing. She puts a tissue up to her mouth and looks at it. The tissue is covered with blood.

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