Not Enough

A one-shot i wrote about not being enough.


1. Not Enough

My hair is never right,

my outfits never perfect,

I'm never enough.

My nose is too big,

my mouth is too small.

I'm never enough.

I try, try ,try,

but it's never enough.

I'll never be enough for them,

They'll always be something that isn't 

good enough.

I'm too short,

or weigh too much,

or just not perfect.

But really, who is?

Who has the perfect hair?

Perfect clothes?

Perfect smile?

Perfect height?

Really, there is no such thing as perfect.

Only society's version.

But even society isn't perfect.

Why do we try so hard for something,

when it isn't even possible.

We put ourselves through so much,

only to get nothing.

The truth is,

I'm never good enough.

And I never will be, really.

Only society's version.

Which I don't want to be.

I don't to be a skinny,

covered in makeup,

Society's version of a perfect girl.

The only thing that would come of that is boys,

and fake friends.

And then you would be right back,

to where we started.


So maybe, 

just maybe,

being not enough,

is enough.

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