Beat and better

hi I'm Kathryn but you can call me katy. me and my dad are moving to Aussie because of his work. but who lives next door...?


2. time to fly

 katy's POV

i woke up at around 8 and i decided to get up and get ready. after a warm shower, i got dressed into black leggings and an LA sweater. something comfy for the flight. i put my hair in a messy bun and did light make-up. i had breakfast and then i left a note for my dad;

hi dad

i just went out to say bye to Jayla. be back soon

xxxx katy xxxx


i grabbed my maroon red vans, put them on and left. it is a quick walk up the street to her house so it didn't take long. i finally got to her door and i knocked.

"hi Katy. so today is the day?" Jayla says

"ye. it is. i'm gna miss you so much!" i said to her

"same here katy!" she pulled me into a hug. we hugged for a good few mins and then parted.

"well, i guess this is it. goodbye for the last time." i said

"love you Teddy."

"love you Bouncer"

i walked down the path fighting back tears. i walk home to find my dad up.

"hey dad." i say to him sadly

"hey sweetie. im so sorry about having to move. i wish we didn't." he said looking at me

"it's ok dad. i understand." i say and hug him.

i go upstairs to grab my bags.

"we leave in 10 mins katy." my dad called from up the stairs

"ok." i call back

i take a look at my bare room. it used to have posters everywhere and i even did graffiti with spray paint. i am going to do that again to my room in Aussie. i go to the window ledge and see my name carved into it. i did that when i was 7. i wanted people to know that i was there. i turned around and took my bags downstairs.

"ready katy?"

"ready dad"

/////////////2nd chapter :)


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