Beat and better

hi I'm Kathryn but you can call me katy. me and my dad are moving to Aussie because of his work. but who lives next door...?


4. new home

katy's Pov

my dad unlocked the door and we walked in. it's pretty small but i like it. plus it's all we need, there is only 2 of us. i went to the room that my dad said was mine. it was a square room with a white frame bed in the middle of the room. there was also a balcony leading outside. i left my bags in the room and went onto the balcony. it's a hot day so i changed into a Harvard t shirt with some black shorts. i went down stairs to my dad. 

"hey dad...?"

"yes katy?"

"please can i go to a paint store and buy some spray paint?"

"yes sure. make sure that you don't get lost!" 

"i won't" i said laughing

i put on my shoes and set off. i walked to the store that was only a few blocks away, i had seen it on the way to the house so i knew where it was. i went in and bought pink, black and green spray paint. i walked home and i heard a noise coming from next doors garage. it sounded like i miss you by blink 182. ONE OF MY FAV SONGS!!! :P i went inside and up to my room and i set to work.

i purposefully made it like Avril's smile music video. lol. i also put up some band posters. my dad had bought me some bedside tables that looked like speakers! it looked so cool! i put my electric guitar in the corner of the room with my acoustic. after i had finished, i unpacked my clothes and other items and then i went down stairs for something to eat.

my dad was watching tv.

"hey honey."

"hi dad."

"look i need to tell you something." he said and i came and sat next to him.

"what is it dad?"

"well, im going on a business trip tomorrow for a few months."

"erm...o-o-o-k." i said sadly

"but dont worry, i will be back in time for your birthday. and i can't miss my special girl's 18th birthday now can i?" he said looking at me.

"i love you dad."

"i love you 2 katy."

/////////4th chapter

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