Beat and better

hi I'm Kathryn but you can call me katy. me and my dad are moving to Aussie because of his work. but who lives next door...?


6. moviessssss

Katys pov


I woke up in an unfamiliar surroundings. As my eyes adjusted, i realised i was outside at Michael's house. Not to mention all the others were passed out on the floor. I looked at my phone. 10:40 i decided to get up, go home and get dressed into clean clothes.

Michaels POV

I woke up around 11 to find Katy nowhere and all the other boys crashed out everywhere. Wait... Why is Calum in the pool?!? I go inside to see a note from kt.

Hi sorry i left i went home to get ready :) from katy :P

I decide to go round to hers after i changed. She opened the door within i few seconds of me knocking.

"Hey Mikey." She smiles at me


"why not? I mean you call me catnip." She says

"Good point!" I say laughing.

"Come in"

I walk into her house. It amaze!

"Come up to my room, we can watch Netflix if you like!"


We went up to her room. Opened the door, let me and and then shut it again. She walked over to the window, she opened it and went through it. What the? I followed her on to the roof to find her with some blankets and her laptop, on the roof! It was sooooooo cool!

"This is amazing katy!" I said

"Ikr! I made this after my dad left. I wanted to be out in the open but also watch movies listen to music ect." She said smiling.

we watched a few movies before going onto you tube. oh god. i hope she doesn't find us...

katys pov

when we were on you tube, Mikey looked really nervous. almost like he was hiding something. i hope he's ok. wait whats that? i look at a suggested video. the cover looks like Luke and Michael. i click on and look at the video. its Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton playing teenage dirtbag. i turn to look at Michael who is looking down with a worried face.


///////////////6th chapter sorry i haven't updated in a while. i have been really busy. i will update as soon as possilbe :P jay

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