Beat and better

hi I'm Kathryn but you can call me katy. me and my dad are moving to Aussie because of his work. but who lives next door...?


1. last day in mc

katy's Pov

hi I'm Kathryn but please call me katy. I am moving to Sydney Australia because of my dad's job. he got promoted and we have to move to Australia. it's only me and my dad in the family so it wasn't difficult to get packed up. we are leaving tomorrow at midday. 

"dad! i'm going to have one last look around the city centre, ill be around and hour to an hour and a half!" i shout to him from down stairs.

"Okay honey! Be safe!" he shouted back from upstairs.

i shut the door and walked. the city is beautiful at night and it's winter here in Manchester, England so it's dark and all the lights are on by the road. i walk up to the itv, media city ect, buildings and sit down on a bench. boy i'm going to miss this place. but it's nice to have a fresh start where you can meet new people. i am going to miss Jayla though. she is my best friend and it's going to be hard without her, but ill manage. i get up and walk by the docks. all across the edge, there are padlocks that stretch for miles. i finally turn around to go back home for the last time

//////////1st chapter :) hope you like it. sorry it's a bit short

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