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hi I'm Kathryn but you can call me katy. me and my dad are moving to Aussie because of his work. but who lives next door...?


5. bbq

Katys POV

Its been a few days since my dad left and i keep hearing things from next door. When i say things, i mean like live music, laughter etc. I wonder who lives there. To be honest, i do feel kinda lonely and I'm jealous of the people who are in there, having a good time while i only have myself for company

Michaels POV

Around 4 days ago i saw a moving van for next door. I saw a girl and her dad get out but i haven't seen them since. Maybe we should invite them over for a bbq!!! I tell the boys and they all agree. I go over to the house and ring the door bell.

*ding dong*

A few seconds later, a girl in skinny black jeans, a white tee and a black and red flannel, answers the door.

"Erm...hi. Im michael and i live next door. I was just wandering if you wanted to come to a bbq tonight?" I asked.

"Err...yeah sure i don't see why not. Oh I'm Katy by the way." She answered.

"Nice to meet you Katy. Well anyway, i'd better be off. See ya tonight."

"Bye michael."

I go down the path back to my house. Shes pretty, but emo and i like it!

Katys POV

I love his hair! It's galaxy coloured and it ls pretty cool. I should go out and get some jobs done. While I'm out, i can get some extra food for the bbq later tonight. I go to the supermarket and buy food for the week and some marshmallows for the bbq later. WE CAN TOAST MARAHMALLOWS!! Yeyeyeyey! I love doing that. When i got home, it was around 4 so i got changed into my black distressed jeans, my white crop top and my blue and grey flannel that says 'idiot' on the back. I straiten my hair and I'm ready to go. I walk down the path of Michael's house and knock in the door. Within a few seconds he answered it.

"Hi katy!"

"Hi michael!"

"Come in."


He leads me to the back garden to find 3 other boys sitting around the pool side.

"Hey guys. Come and meet katy." Michael called. They came running over to us.

"Hi im luke and we have the same lip ring!!"

"Im calum and im NOT asian!"

"Hi im ashton and...errrrrrrrr...i play drums!!"

"Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Katy."

"Are you from around here?" Luke asks.

"No. Im from Manchester. I moved coz my dads job got promoted." I answered smiling.

"I love manchester!!" Luke shouted in a really bad mc accent. I couldn't help but laugh.

"haha! anyways, i bought soem marshmallows for us to toast!" i said haning them to michale.

" OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOU KATYYYYYYY!" ashton shouted running around the edge of the pool. he nearly fell in at one point!

the food was ready so we all sat on the edge of the pool with our feet in the water.

"so...Katy, tell us about yourself." calum said.

"erm... well im 17,nearly 18, i live with my dad, i play electric and acoustic guitar, i love to sing, i do street dance, i love green day , Avril lavgine, Nickleback, blink 182, my chemical romance and all time low." i say.

"wow. you are literally the girl version as us! except we cant dance!" Calum said stunned

"i think we are going to be friends with you for a very long time!" luke said smiling.

"YEY!!!! I MADE FRIENDS BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED AND NOW IM NOT A LONERRRR!" I shouted while running around the garden.

"yup, we are definlety!" michael said laughing.

//////////////////////5th chapter

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