Beat and better

hi I'm Kathryn but you can call me katy. me and my dad are moving to Aussie because of his work. but who lives next door...?


3. airport

katy's POV

we got on the plane around 10 mins ago. i am really excited for this fresh start but also sad that I'm leaving my old life behind. the plane set off.

"ready for a new start katy?" my dad said

"yeah." is all i could answer.

after about 3 hours i decided to on my music. i had already watched 2 movies; fault in our stars and mean girls 1. i settle down and work my way through the green day, nickleback and Ed Sheeran albums before i fall asleep.

"katy we are here." my dad says shaking me awake.

i get up and get out the plane. after collecting our bags, we got a taxi to our new home.

//////3rd chapter sorry it's short :P

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