The Muffin-Man : Baked since Birth

14 Year Old Morris McDenvir had a strange fascination with everything to do with muffins and always showed his passion for them, but never really got along with others. Except for one day, where he learns that his love for muffins was more than just an odd fantasy, and eventually leading towards his life taking a rather unexpected turn.


1. The Malicious Muffin

The environment swirls and speeds past as I plummet down towards the brown colored earth, seemingly covered in enormous maroon rocks. Strangely enough I felt no worry, no fear, nothing but happiness and hunger. I plow into the earth with a suspiciously soft landing and bounce right back out, leaving an obvious scar from the impact and shortly after planting my feet on the soft, squishy, material. As soon as I gathered my thoughts and steadied my balance, I breath in the air deeply with the rich scent of Chocolate filling my lungs. After shortly scanning the area, taking in as much of the view as I can, I thought popped into my head. "This place...It almost smells like a...a Muffin."  Quickly grabbing a chunk of the ground beneath me and giving it a quick sniff, conformed my suspicion. I landed on a planet-sized muffin!


Without hesitation, I yelped with joy and launched into the air only to have come dive-bombing right back into the ludicrously huge Muffin with far more force than what I had anticipated, concealing my legs in the deliciously light texture of the muffin."Hmm...Gravity must be much heavier here. This place is just asking for me to eat it, and who am I to argue?" After tucking a handkerchief into my collar, I lower my head ready to devour the galactic gourmet when I suddenly hear a ear-piercing scream. 


"Morris! Snap out of it will you?!" 

My head suddenly snaps up and the world around me loses focus, it spins and accelerates as I unwillingly raise up from the muffin, trying to get a grip on it's crumbly texture but failing in doing so. The world around me seems to dissolve and lose color. It quickly resembles that of a classroom...

This whole thing...Was a dream.

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