"Cover that up!" Drunken Mother screamed. "Never in my life have I seen such a disrespectful brat!" She stumbles as she pulls down her sleeves to hide the bruise around her wrist. A small, salty tear fell, moistening her chapped, cherry lips.


2. Chapter Two

  Drunken Mother barges into the girl's room. "I'll kill you!" She bellows, stumbling over her own feet. Rae scrambles under the bed and clutches her backpack to her chest. This will be over soon.. This will be over soon, she chants over and over in her mind. Mother is only gone for a while, then when the alcohol is gone, the loving Mother will be back. She hopes for anything. Anything at all to put the broken pieces of her life back together. Closing her eyes, she distracts herself with lyrics and sings quietly to herself. Her voice is beautifully broken, and it quivers as she sings. "Come on skinny love, just last the year. Pour a little salts, we were never here." She watches Drunken Mother wander around her small room blindly, and blocks the sounds of her wails and efforts to bring Rae out of her hiding. But she doesn't dare move. "My my my, my my my, my-my my-my... Staring at the sink of blood, and crushed veneer." Tapping along to the rhythm quietly, she imagines herself far, far away. "Tell my love to wreck it all. Cut out all the ropes and let me fall... My my my, my my my, my-my my-my... Right in this moment, the order's tall.." She's so far away now. She'll never come back. "And I told you to be patient, and I told you to be fine. I told you to be balanced, and I told you to be kind. And in the morning I'll be with you, but it'll be a different kind, cause I'll be holding all the tickets, and you'll be owing all the fines.." Rae looks up slowly to see Mother has walked off. Crawling out of under the bed and over to the small window,  a small tear escapes as she opens it, backpack over her shoulder, and mutters, "Far, far away."

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