Two boys, one girl, one heart

Mackenzie lives in England, Central London, with her brother Marcus and mum, Michelle. Mackenzie is a youtube superstar as well as having her own blog and being in all the Harry Potter movies. But all that's on the internet. When off camera, Mackenzie writes lyrics and plays most instruments and sings a little but no one has ever heard her.
Zoe (zoella) who is also a youtube sensation is besties with Mack and have been since they were small.

Mack was forced to move to Australia after a horrible incident. She had to go and live with her Aunt and cousin Calum Hood, which she barely knows. She gets introduced to the rest of 5SOS and starts of in the wrong hand with one of them but slowly falls for him......
Who will it be?


2. what happened?


    Mackenzie's P.O.V

"That's the end of my video guys, thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it. If you did be sure to give it a thumbs up and if you havn't already subscribe!" I said into my camera finishing my video.

It was Monday and 7:30pm. I've been filming for about 4 hours. I headed downstairs to my kitchen and made me and my brother dinner because my mum was away on a business trip for 6 months. "Hey little sis, have you finished filming?" Marcus asked with a grin on his face. I nodded and took some garlic bread out the fridge. " Can you take the trash out please?" I asked turning the radio up.

"You do it," he replied.

"Please, you can have the tv tonight, just don't delete my shows."                                                                          

"Alright then, just because you're my little sis and not at all because I get the TV all night," he laughed hugging me.

Once Marcus took out the trash and sat down with me for dinner, then phone rang.                              "Heeelooo..... Yes, this is he....ok.......I understand.....uhuh.......thank you for letting me know...sure I'll tell her right away, thank you, goodbye," sad and with a eye full of water he came and sat down next to me.

" What's wrong, is everything alright did you lose your job again?!" I said worried.

Marcus explained that our mum was on her way home to surprise me for my birthday, but on her way to the airport she was hit by a car and died there in the middle of the road In Nepal. He said that the criminal was part of a really dangerous gang but he was caught straight away as there were road officers near the crime scene.

I started crying and screamed, "it's because of me, dad died because of me being careless and now mum died because of my birthday! I'm the worst person in the worl..." I was cut off by the door bell.

I went to open it while Marcus went and rang other family members to tell them about the incident. It was all of my friends, Zoe Joe, Caspar, Louise,Tanya, Alfie, Niomi (Marcus's girlfriend), Jack and his twin Finn.  (BTW they're all you-tubers). They had all bought me flowers and gifts.

" We heard about what happened" Finn said starting to make me tear up again.

Jack came and hugged me tight in his arms for a while, even he was trying not to cry. Then the others joined. I looked terrible,my hair was all wet from my tears because I have really long hair, as well as being in my old pj's. They all came in and I told them everything. Jack and all my friends were very comforting and took my mind of everything by taking me out and messing around.


These are just some of my friends in the story  ;)


Hey guys, hope you enjoyed this chapter! Once again sorry it's so short. This is the best i could do. So sorry,  and thanks for reading! Love u guys lots ;p

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