Two boys, one girl, one heart

Mackenzie lives in England, Central London, with her brother Marcus and mum, Michelle. Mackenzie is a youtube superstar as well as having her own blog and being in all the Harry Potter movies. But all that's on the internet. When off camera, Mackenzie writes lyrics and plays most instruments and sings a little but no one has ever heard her.
Zoe (zoella) who is also a youtube sensation is besties with Mack and have been since they were small.

Mack was forced to move to Australia after a horrible incident. She had to go and live with her Aunt and cousin Calum Hood, which she barely knows. She gets introduced to the rest of 5SOS and starts of in the wrong hand with one of them but slowly falls for him......
Who will it be?


10. The Fight

I opened the door and let them both in ad slowly shut the door wiping away my tears. "Mackenzie what happened?" Calum asked looking upset and worried. " Um, I..It's because of Emmason," I muttered having another bunch if tears rushing down my face. I looked back down at my phone and saw my Instagram, Twitter, snapchat, keek, and text messages being full of hate comments, which was being led by Emmason. Now Google too! " What about her?" Luke asked me as I got up and gave them my phone so they can look through the messages and comments. They took my phone and read every single message I had gotten. The first few weren't that harsh, but the more they read through, the harsher they got. " Mackenzie, why didn't you tell us in the first place, don't worry we'll help you through, all 4 of us get hate comments too!" Luke said hugging me. " Why do you guys get hate comments, and how does everyone know you?" I ask wiping my tears away while hugging Luke. " Well you see, we're in a band, it's called 5 Seconds Of Summer, I play bass guitar and am a vocalist, Luke plays guitar and lead vocalist, Ashton's drummer and vocalist and Michael is guitar and vocalist, and the crazy one!" Calum said causing me to laugh a bit. "wow, so that song I sang at the beach was yours, and that's how you're so good at singing and guitar!" I said astonished by what they were saying. My phone then rang, it was an unknown number, they gave me back my phone and I picked it up. I didn't put it on loud speaker in case it was my friends. I was really scared when I picked it up. It was Emmason.

" H..H..Hello, who is this," I stammered.

" Hey BFF, NOT! What you up too, did you see your messages and comments?" She said evilly and laughed.

" What do you want?" I said trying not to cry.

" Oh, nothing, just my ex boyfriend that you STOLE from me!" She said shouted into phone.

" Again, I didn't do anything, it happened before I came, I only arrived this morning!" I said bored of telling her to knock it off.

" Hey! Watch it, fine but I'm blaming you, also I found your vlogging camera and I just wanted to let you know that I have it and you won't be getting back, btw make sure you check my youtube channel, there will be a surprise for you on there. Ciao, AND DONT TELL ANYONE WE HAD THIS COVERSATION, OR ELSE, SOMETHING TERRIBLE WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY, MAYBE EVEN YOU!" She said and cut the line causing more tears to run down my face. I was speechless. I put my phone on my desk and started crying again. This was the hardest day of my life! " Hey, how about you get some rest okay?" Calum said walking out of my room with Luke. I think he's right, I had enough drama today and I'm really tired from the flight. Today was really eventful, I had so many mixed emotions, but it was fun, sorta. I quickly grabbed my pj's which were shorts, and a top that said ' Wake me up at your own risk'. I quickly ran into the amazing bathroom that was connected to my room and got changed. When I got out I had brushed my teeth and washed my hair ready for sleep. As I got into my bed that Calum, kindly put together this morning I grabbed my headphones and played some music, like I always do and slowly drifted to sleep.

*Next Morning*

I woke up to Meghan Trainor, Title playing through my headphones. Grabbing my phone I looked at the time. " CRAP!" I muttered jumping out of bed, it was 1:26pm. I slept for about 13 hours last night. Running into the bathroom, I grabbed my ripped skinny jeans, a top that has sleeves that drape down past my shoulder and my black Chelsea boots. Lastly I grabbed my make up kit and had a shower. My day is never complete without washing my hair and having a warm shower in the morning. As I finished my last touches I ran out my room to grab some jewelry to wear and bracelets to cover up my scars. And Voila! My look was complete, I added on a leather jacket and opened up my curtains and window. How come the house was so quiet, it was a nice sunny day and the sky was bright baby blue, my second fav colour. My room had a balcony sort of area attached to it which was amazing, since I hadn't been in it I decided to go and check it out. I walked onto the balcony and it was just breathtaking! It had a table with two chairs, one of those deck chair thingy's, a beautiful view, some of my fav flowers and the best thing out of all of the things there was on that balcony, THE FAIRY LIGHTS AND LANTERNS! I have a huge obsessions over fairy lights and lanterns, as you could tell.

When I went outside, I took a deep breath and sat down listening to the wonderful calm sounds if nature around me, as well as Calum playing the guitar in the garden below me, then, " ASHTON, WHERE'S THE VEGEMITE!" Michael shouted from the kitchen, did they stay over or something? Seriously I had a wonderful time listening to all those beautiful sounds. I got up and went downstairs with my headphones in my ear. I went into the kitchen and saw Ashton and Michael fighting over this jar of stuff that looked a little like marmite. I took out my headphones and put it away. " Um, hey guys what you up too?" I asked smiling. "Hi Mackenzie, basically Ashton had all the Vegemite and I'm hungry!" Michael said making a frowny face. "Hey don't blame me, when a mans hungry, he gotta eat!" Ashton said taking a piece of toast. "Wait, wait, what's this vegiemite thing your talking about?" I asked a little confused. "Wait, you don't know what Vegemite is?" Michael asked shocked. " Calum, get your stinking butt in here now, Luke stop styling your hair and come and listen to This, it's important!" Aston shouted waiting for them to come. They both came running in wandering what was happening. "Okay the reason we had an emergency Meeting is because Mackenzie, yes HER, has n..n..never h..h..had v..v..v..Vegemite!" Ashton stammered regretting saying that. They both gasped and ran towards the pantry, rushing into everything and throwing stuff about. They both came back with a quarter of a bottle of vegiemite and placed it in front of me. " Mackenzie, you have to eat Vegemite on toast and tell us what happened in your mouth when you've had it, was it amazing, was it t..t..terrible?" Calum said placing some toast and vegiemite on top in front of me on the island. " EAT UP!" Luke said as they all came closer and closer to me. I picked up a piece and placed a bit in my mouth. " So Mackenzie, you likey or you hatey?" Michael asked as they came even closer to me. "I..I..I don't know what to say," I said making a sad serious face. They all jumped up ready to celebrate then, slowed down and said nothing. "I LOVE IT!" I exclaimed bringing them back to their excited selves. They all jumped up Ashton hugged me with a really tight grip. "Um, Ashton?" I said quietly. "yeh," he said still hugging me. "I....CANT.....BREATH!" I said struggling to catch my breath, he let go of me and I quickly tried to grab my breath. "Sooo, what shall we do now?" Ashton's asked as we all walked into the living room. "OOH,OOH,OOH, LETS GO TO A THEME PARK!" Calum shouted causing us to laugh. We all nodded and I went to get changed. I went up and put on a white top with a white collar with spiky bits on them and fitted pants, with my converses and leather jacket. I grabbed my phone, some money and lip gloss and put them in my small shoulder bag then headed downstairs.

"Should we tell her," "No, she'll like it better if we don't tell her" "Okay Ashton you try to... Heeeey there Mackenzie, you ready to go?" Calum said looking up from their group circle. "Sure, by the way, what were you guys muttering about me?" I asked confused.

Luke's P.O.V

"Ummmmmm....." We all said scratching the back of our necks. "Weeeell...." she said waiting for an answer. "Umm, we, I mean, ummm, LUUKE...." Calum said cheekily as I gave him the death stare, "was wondering after we go to theme park, umm..." Calum said then walking back. "What about after we go to the theme park?" she asked curious. "If you wanna go to the mall with Luke, you can buy whatever you want!" Ashton said proudly smirking. "WHAT THE FUCK ASHTON, WHY DID YOU SAY THAT, WHY NOT WITH YOU!" I whispered gritting my teeth together angrily. "You can thank me later, I see the way you look at her whenever she's around you go all day-dreamy, GO WITH HER YOU'LL HAVE FUN, if you wanna make her even happier, buy her something, she'll come back all happy and probably wont attack me anymore," Ashton whispered back as I looked at Mackenzie who was acting all shy and naturally being beautiful. "Okay," I whispered back as Ashton and I high five. "Lets get going, the roller coasters are calling and this is one call that is not going to voice mail!" Michael said making Mackenzie laugh. Her smile and her laugh is just the best thing about her, other than her being; beautiful, talented, artistic, shy (in a good way), pretty, hilarious, sassy, amazing, thoughtful, caring, crazy yet sensible, nice, oh and did I mention B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, BEAUTIFUL! "Luke, are you okay, you're staring at me?" Mackenzie asks, bringing me back to real life. "Oh,um,yeh..... Um, can I tell you something, I, uh, do you still wanna got to the mall later with me?" I panicked lying. I wanted to tell her that I really like her and that she's beautiful."Uh, yeah, sure, are we gonna go there straight after we leave the park?" she asked, I nodded and she smiled back. "Okay, let me grab some more money in case I need some extra," She said about to back. "Don't worry about money, if you need some, I'll lend you some of mine," I say causing her to smile. We got into the car and set off. 

*at the park entrance/car park*     *btw, still Luke's P.O.V*

As Ashton was trying to find a parking space, I spotted the Haunted House. Iv'e always wanted to go ever since I was old enough to ride, but none of the guys wanted to ever go. "Hey look, it's the....." I said pointing out of the window. "MACKENZIE'S GOING!" they all shouted together at exactly the same time. "Go where?" She asked looking confused. "Every time we come Luke always, always wants to go on the haunted house ride, but we don't ever wanna go," Michael said looking out the window. "We never went because we think it's boring, NOT BECAUSE WE'RE NOT MANLY ENOUGH!" Ashton said paring the car in a really tight space. "Are you sure you find it boring or are you just covering up the fact that you're scared, come on just admit you're too scared to go on it," She said smirking at Calum. "We are not scared, we just think it's childish," Michael replied. "Well have you guys ever been on it?" She asked. "No...." Calum replied. " Then that means you guys are just scared, if you're not scared you would go on it even if it was childish!" She replied all sassy. "Fine, we'll go on it, but today it's your turn to go, since ladies go first!" Ashton said back trying to be sassy himself. "Umm, lemme check it out first, then I'll MAYBE go," She said as we all get out of the car. We entered the theme park and I wanted to do everything. 

Mackenzie's P.O.V

As we walked into the park, I could smell pretzels and doughnuts, but the best smell ever was coming from near the Ferris Wheal, but I didn't know what that was.There were so many rides to choose from, I didn't know where to start. Then I spied the most gigantic roller coaster ever. It was very very terrifying even just to look at. "Hey kenzie," Calum said coming up to me. "Kenzie?" I asked. "Yeah, that's your new nickname," He replied back smiling. "Okay, Cal," I say smiling back. "So do you wanna go on anything at all, like that massive roller coaster " he asked pointing up. "Nah, I'm good," I say looking up. "Okay, me and the guys are going on it, you sure you don't wanna come on with us?" He asks looking back at me. I nodded as they all went and waited in the queue for the ride. I went to sit down on the bench that was right in front of the ride. As I went to sit down I accidentally bumped into someone, It was a girl with long blonde wavy hair, she looked about my age and was wearing a 5SOS top. "Oh I am so sorry, are you okay?" I ask the girl. "Yes, I'm absolutely fine,'re......are you Mackenzie?" the girl stammered. "Yes, how do you know who I am?" I asked surprised. "aaah! You are my favourite youtuber ever! It's so nice to meet you!" She says excitedly. "Wow, you're a viewer, it's so nice to meet you too!" I say as we both sit down. We started chatting about lots of things and it turns out we have a lot in common. She's a youtuber herself, she makes the exact same video types as me, she has 1 brother and no parents, she lives with her aunt in Sydney and is 17 and used to live in England when she was younger. We soon had known a lot about each other and became best friends sort of. She gave me her number so we could text and I gave her mine too. "D..Do you mind if I take a picture with you?" She asks taking her phone out. "Sure, By the way I forgot to ask your name," I reply. "I'm Delilah," she says as we take a picture. "That's a beautiful name!" I say making her smile. 

The guys come back laughing with their hair in a mess. "Hey Kenzie, who's this?" Ashton asks looking at Delilah. "AAAAH!!" she shrieks with excitement. "That's Delilah, she's a viewer and also a fan of you guys," I say looking at her. "C....C.....C.......A......A.......A........N..........N.........N," She stutters. "Can she take a picture with you guys, is what she's trying to ask I think," I say turning towards her as she nods. They all agree and take the funniest pictures with her, she even wanted some pictures of all of us. "Thanks!" She says, "hey, I gotta go my aunts probably waiting, but I'll text you when I get home," Delilah says walking away as I nod back and smile. "Looks like you've got yourself an AMAZING friend there!" Ashton says watching her walk back to the car park. "OOOH ASHTON'S IN LOVE!" I tease. We all laugh besides Ashton and walk around again.

*One hour later* 

"OMG, that's the cutest stuffed penguin animal ever!" I shriek pointing at it. It was at one of those stall games, it was the game where you had to shoot water at the whole and the first person to make the whole touch the bar wins. The penguin was just adorable! "Shall we all play?" Luke asks. Only Michael nods, so it was me, Luke and Michael against each other. We all pay then start the game. First Michael was winning, then he got distracted by a girl. So basically Michael lost. It was just between me and Luke. Luckily I won. "What would you like?" The man asked me. "Umm, that penguin please," I said wanting to hug it really tightly. "I'm sorry, you can only get that if you win 2 rounds," the man said disappointing me. I just simply nodded and turned around. "I'll play another round please," I hear Luke say to the man. I turned around and watched him play, but it was nearly impossible since everything was moving around not letting us to shoot it. Luke lost but then played another round, he really wanted that penguin. This time he won! "What would you like?" The man asks as the red siren goes off. "That one please," Luke says pointing at the penguin. He turned around and gave it to me. "This is for you!" he says handing me the massive penguin smiling. "Thank you," I reply hugging him. "You see he's not that bad!" Ashton whispers to me smirking. " Fine he's bot that bad, but that still doesn't prove anything!" I whisper back and walk away. 

As we walked around a bit more I spy the haunted house. "You wanna go?" Luke asks me looking up. "Um, sure," I say handing Calum my penguin teddy bear. We waited in the queue for the haunted house ride. When it was our turn, a car for two came since it was at the very back of all the cars. GREAT! Me and Luke hopped in and put on our belt and pulled down the handle. "I guess it's not that bad," I say as we slowly start moving. "See, the guys worry about nothing," He says. Suddenly everything goes pitch black and the ride goes really fast then slows down. "Luke," I say worried as I hear screaming, howling and other scary noises. "Don't worry Mackenzie, it's not a roller coaster, I'm with you too," He says as he places his hand on mine. Then some candles turn on as he moved his hand away, and we passed the haunted dining hall which was terrifying and now entered the haunted grave yard of doom. "SCREEEEEEEAAAAAAAAACH!" the car went and we came to a halt. "Luke, why have we stopped?" I asked really scared. "We are so sorry, we are having minor delays, the ride will be resuming in a bit, please stay seated," A women said over the microphone. "That's why," he replied. I could hear children screaming in front of us, then "BANG!" a ghoul jumps up in front of me causing me to scream. Luke started laughing which made me a tiny bit angry. "Luke it's not funny, that ghoul scared the shit out of me, this is really frightening!" I say worriedly afraid whats gonna happen next. "Don't worry Kenzie, I'm here with you, If you get scared I'll hold your hand, he says coming closer to me and putting his hand on mine which was tightly gripping onto the handle bar. About 20 minutes later we slowly started moving again and then got off. "See there's nothing to worry about," He says as we exit the ride. "Did you like it?" He asked me, I nodded and both of us walked back to the guys who were waiting by a BBQ stand. "What took you guys so long?" Michael asks us as we walk back. "The ride broke down for a bit," I reply, then Luke tells them "Guess what happened, Mackenzie saw a ghoul and screamed so loud," The guys laugh then I say, "No, the stupid ghoul jumped up in front of me and scared me," I say as Calum gives me back the penguin.

Then I see Emmason walk up to me, but this time with a whole gang behind her. "Hey there, nice to see you guys again," She says stopping in front of us. "Hey," we all muttered. "I see you too have fallen for the stuffed animal trick," She says to me pulling away the penguin. "What do you mean," I reply just wanting to ignore her. "Oh, don't you know what I mean, you know that thing that people do at the fair when they're dating," She says giving me back the penguin. "Dating?" I ask confused about the 6 letter word she put in her sentence. "You know, you two are dating, well at least that's what HE said" she says looking at Luke putting emphasis on 'he'. "You two are dating, right?" She says coming forward and crossing her arm. "Oh," She said as I looked even more confused. "That means he was just using you, what a joke!" She laughed causing a tear fall from my eye. The other guys looked really baffled and were just speechless. I turned around and looked at Luke, I was just speechless. "YOU TOLD HER WE WERE DATING, WHAT KIND OF PERSON TELLS SOMEONE THAT THEY'RE DATING SOMEONE THY'RE NOT, I CANT BELIEVE YOU WERE USING ME, HERE KEEP YOUR STUPID PENGUIN, I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" I screamed and threw the penguin at him "Mackenzie, I..." He said then I stopped him, "I don't wanna hear it Luke, just, just leave me alone, Calum could you take me home?" I ask wiping away my tears as Calum nods. "There you've won, congrats, are you happy now Emmy?" I say as I turn round to her, then I see Marcus walk up to her. "Whats going on babe?" He asks putting his arm around Emmason, making my day worse and worse. "Marcus, you two are dating?" I ask him. "Yeah," He replies pulling Emmason closer to him. "W....What about Niomi?" I ask walking back. "She doesn't need to know, and I'm sure she'll be fine if she finds out," He says. "Marcus, whats happened to you, you've changed so much and in a bad way, how could you hurt one of your closest friends ever!" I say and run back to the car still crying. 

*At the car* 

"Mackenzie, are you okay, shall I take you back home?" Calum asks racing back behind me. I nod and get into the passengers seat. "I really hate that girl, making up stupid lies," Calum said starting the car. "I'm used to it, but everything she tells me is always true," I say wiping away my tears. Then Calum's phone rings. He picks it up and starts talking. "Hello, yeah she's here, okay I'll be there in 5, okay I'll bring her, but what about, fine, yeah I do she's my cousin, okay I'll ask her, bye." He says putting away his phone. "Hey, umm that was Michael," He says turning to me. "Oh," I say sadly looking to my lap. "He wants us to go over, and he asked if you wanna come over too?" He asks me looking back at the road. "Umm no thanks, I'm quite tired, you can go if you want, you could just drop me off at home, I'll be fine, you guys have fun," I say really not wanting to go in case Luke was there. "No, If you're not going, I'm not going, you've had a rough day and I don't wanna leave you alone," Calum said parking into the drive way. "Thanks, but really you don't have......"  I said then get cut off by Calum, "listen you're my cousin and I don't want you getting hurt again, I love you" He said causing me to smile and nod. We both walked into the house and I went upstairs to get changed but mostly cry. "I'll be downstairs if you need anything Kenzie!" He shouts from the kitchen, "Okay, thanks!" I shout back getting into my pj's but these had 'I Love Shawn Mendes' on them inside a love heart and matching bottoms with love hearts on them. I sat on my bed and browsed through my messages and put on Life Of The Party by Shawn Mendes still crying. 

*2 hours later*

I heard a knock on my door, it was Calum, "Hey Kenzie, can I come in?" He asked opening the door a bit. "Hey," I say looking at him them looking back at my phone. He came and sat down next to me on my bed as I wiped away another tear. "I see you're a fan of my mate Shawn," He says starting a conversation. "Yes I am, how do you know him?" I ask sitting up. "I met him last year at an award thing in Canada, do you wanna see the photo's?" Calum asked him getting out his phone, which had a picture of him and the guys. I nod and he shows me the pictures, "wow, you're so lucky you got to meet him, I really wanna go to his concert and meet him, to be honest, I think a have a small crush on him," I say. "Small?" He asks looking at my phone case,phone screen and posters. "Okay, okay I have a massive crush on him, but you cant tell anyone because when I was in England, I told someone I had a crush on the vamps and she literally embarrassed  me in front of the whole school!" I laugh as he nods and laughs too. "So hey, about before, I talked to Luke and he told me everything," Calum said taking the massive smile off my face. All I could do was say ''Oh,''.

"He said that he told Emmy that he was busy later because he was going to take you to the mall so you could buy whatever you wanted because when It comes to shopping he's up for it, he never said anything about you two dating or stuff like that," Calum said wiping away my tears with his thumb. "He said he feels really bad and that he should have made it more obvious that you're just going as friends," He says making me feel bad about shouting at him and running off. I feel really bad, what should? "Hey, are you okay? Come on, lets go have some dinner," Calum says as we both walk downstairs. "How about I invite them all over since Marcus is staying over at Emmy's for the weekend, oh and I forgot to tell you, my mum is coming home tomorrow with my sister," I nod and He called the others and telling them to come over. "Hold on, you have a sister?" I ask him. "Yeah, I forgot to tell you, her name is Mali-koa, she's the same age as you, I love that I'm older than her though, she went with mum because every time mum leaves she always ends up crying everyday!" Calum explains as he pops a pizza into the oven. "You always forget to tell me stuff, is there anything else that you forgot to tell me?" I ask crossing my arms. "No," He replies. "Good, anymore secrets about the others then?" I ask smirking. "Luke has a crush on you and Ashton has my little pony toys and Michael has a girlfriend," He says not thinking about the first 6 words he said to me. "Oh that's nice, whats her na........ what did you say about Luke?" I ask causing him to realize what the 6 words were. "Nothing," He says straight after I finish my sentence. "Calum..." I say being cut off by him again, "There's the doorbell, I'll go and open it," He says running to the door not wanting to tell me what he told me before. "CALUM," I shout from the kitchen going upstairs to my room.

*10 minutes later*

All the guys have arrived including, Ugh, Luke and they were all talking not noticing that I was upstairs. Luke was awfully quiet, then someone opened my door. "knock, knock," Luke said peering in. I get up from my bed and got to my desk and turn on my laptop. "Hey," I mutter, ignoring him still really angry. "Can I come in?" He asks me as I go onto the internet and look for a new camera. "Sure," I say fake smiling. He shut the door and sat on the sofa at the corner of my room which had all my filming equipment. "Listen Mackenzie," He says as I turn around to look at him, holding the picture of me, Marcus and my parents on my 15th birthday when they threw confetti in the air and blew party poppers to wake me up. "I'm really sorry about what happened earlier, I never said anything about us dating, I just told her that I was taking you to the mall, she must have thought I meant we were going as a couple," He says apologizing as I shed a few tears. "Why didn't you stop her," I ask sniffling. "I didn't know what to say, I was just really shocked and was just speechless, I'm so sorry Mackenzie," He said to me as I look down at the photo in my hand. "My parents have gone, Marcus has turned against me and all my friends are back home an...and I just don't know what to do now, It's like my life has turned against me too," I cry as a tear drops onto the picture. "We are here for you Mackenzie, I am here for you," Luke said as we move closer until our faces are only a few inches away. "Please don't leave me," I say as he puts his hand around my waist. "I will never leave you," He says, "Promise?" I ask as we kiss again. This time he kissed me passionately, I could feel his lip piercing against my lips, we kissed for a long time, but then moved away. "I promise," He smiles causing me to smile myself. "I'm really sorry for being mad at you, I don't know why I believed Emmy," I say as we both head down. "Don't worry, at least we've sorted everything out," He said as we walked out of my room.  

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