Two boys, one girl, one heart

Mackenzie lives in England, Central London, with her brother Marcus and mum, Michelle. Mackenzie is a youtube superstar as well as having her own blog and being in all the Harry Potter movies. But all that's on the internet. When off camera, Mackenzie writes lyrics and plays most instruments and sings a little but no one has ever heard her.
Zoe (zoella) who is also a youtube sensation is besties with Mack and have been since they were small.

Mack was forced to move to Australia after a horrible incident. She had to go and live with her Aunt and cousin Calum Hood, which she barely knows. She gets introduced to the rest of 5SOS and starts of in the wrong hand with one of them but slowly falls for him......
Who will it be?


13. shall I make a blog?

Side Note: Not part of story (Soz)

Ok, so this Easter holiday I have been experiencing a lot. And a large amount them aren't very exciting. A few of them are amazing.

One of them was that I am stressing out a lot which is affecting me. "My hormones are going crazy" Is what my mum said but my GP is saying its stress and I need to find a way to express myself if I don't wanna talk to people.

That's why I need you guys, I want your thoughts about........ Me making a blog book here on this website! I will be able to say whatever is on my mind, I can give you advice, you can give me advice, you guys can participate too in the comments, it's gonna be very exciting!

Tell me what you think, each week we'll maybe have like one topic to talk about and everyone will have a chance to talk about it. Tell me if you agree and would like it out soon in the comments, ASAP, please!

NOW BACK TO THE STORY, (thnx, ily)

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