Two boys, one girl, one heart

Mackenzie lives in England, Central London, with her brother Marcus and mum, Michelle. Mackenzie is a youtube superstar as well as having her own blog and being in all the Harry Potter movies. But all that's on the internet. When off camera, Mackenzie writes lyrics and plays most instruments and sings a little but no one has ever heard her.
Zoe (zoella) who is also a youtube sensation is besties with Mack and have been since they were small.

Mack was forced to move to Australia after a horrible incident. She had to go and live with her Aunt and cousin Calum Hood, which she barely knows. She gets introduced to the rest of 5SOS and starts of in the wrong hand with one of them but slowly falls for him......
Who will it be?


9. Kisses,FIFA and Haters

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* going to the car *

" You were amazing back there in the campfire, you're so good at singing and playing the guitar," I said walking up the car park with the guys. " Thanks, you were awesome too!" He said making me blush. Again Ashton came up to me and nudged the side of my elbow. " Ashton, I swear to god I'm gonna kill you, just shut up about it already," I whispered so no one else could hear. " So you do fancy him," he whispered back smirking. " Ashton I never said I did, and I never said I didn't," I said frustratedly. " So is that a yes or a no, please say yes, please say yes," he murmured. I gave him the death state and walked off. He laughed and went to his car with the other 2. Me and Luke walked back to his car and put everything away. " May I?" He says opening the door to the passengers seat. I smiled and gladly accepted. " Yes you may," I said getting in and not help but laugh a little. " I had fun today," I said putting my belt on. " Same," was all he said. " You are amazing at singing, why haven't you show anyone your talent, it's probably the best talent anyone could ever had?" He said starting the engine and driving out of the car park. I really didn't wanna tell him because it included someone I despise. "I... I," Luke phone rang stopping me from answering his question. He put it on speaker,






Ashton: GIRLS ARE SUCH PARTY POOPERS ( in the background )


Luke turns off his phone and starts driving really fast. " LUKE SLOW DOWN!" I scream as we pass millions of cars. " Okay, but only because Calum's driving and he's a slow driver!" Luke said looking at their car. Then black car zoomed right past us, It was Calums. " WHAT THE HECK!" He shouted surprised looking at them since they were right next to us. It was Ashton driving no wonder they were so fast. " Luke drive faster, take the shortcut again, I don't care, we gotta beat drummer boy!" I said staring through the window. " I thought you'd never ask, Miss Feisty!" He says zooming past the guys. We were driving at 100 miles an hour and we won. I fell asleep when we were racing back home. " Wake up, we're here!" He says opening the door to the passengers seat. " Ok, tell mum I'll be there in a bit," I replied drowsily still asleep causing him to laugh a bit. He picked me up bridal style and took me inside, as he put me down on the sofa I fell deep asleep.

* ten minutes later *

I woke up to the sound of Olly Murs's voice. I woke up and saw myself resting my head on Luke's arm. " What happened?" I asked rubbing my eyes. " Finally someone decided to wake up, you fell asleep in the car then on me once we got home," He said turning the volume down. He was listening to Olly Murs, Dear Darling. " Are the guys here yet?" I asked sitting up. " No, they're still coming, so basically we won the race, but I wonder what's holding them up." Luke said turning the tv off. " Luke," I said, " do you really wanna know why I don't sing in front of anyone?" I asked looking into his beautiful blue eyes. " Yeh, tell me, remember you can tell me anything," he said looking back into my eyes. " Ok, you know Emmason, well when we were younger I used to sing all the time, In year 7 I was given the award 'for most talented singer' and obviously she got jealous. They made me lead singer for the full moon jam we have every year, when it was my turn to sing, she played a prank on me, her old boyfriend was the DJ, and she promised him a date to the robotics fair, he was sorta a nerd, and he played me the wrong track and added silly sound affects and put on the chipmunk affect. I ran off of the stage cause everyone was laughing at me, so I have stage fright!" I said explaining how much of an idiot she is. " she also sabotaged my mic when she hugged me!" Luke looked so angry, yet soo cute. " That dick, why does she keep on bullying you, she's the reason behind this!" He said sounding really pissed off. " Don't worry Mackenzie, if she ever hurts you again, she's gonna be sorry," he says as our heads become only a few inches apart. Soon after he kisses me and I gladly accepted. It was so short, but felt like forever, what just happened? It was so soft and at first felt weird, we soon pulled away and just in time. We both looked back into each other's eyes, then looked at the door because Calum, Michael and Ashton walked in with sad expressions on their faces. " Hey, what's wrong drumsticks?" I ask as the come sit down with us. " we got a warning from the police because we were driving too fast!" Michael said looking down. " That's what you get for not listening to me!" I said smirking. " That's what you get for not listening to me" Ashton imitated in a really high pitched voice. " Shut it DRUMSTICKS!" I said firmly.

"I wanna go to a fair!" Calum said getting up. " There's one in town right now, let's all go!" Michael shouted. All of got up and went to get their jackets. " Hey, hate to burst your bubble, but it's dripping out there plus it's probably gonna close by the time you get there cause of the trafic!" I explained still sitting down. They all came back and sat down, just then the doorbell rang, none of them got up to go open it, they just started listening to music. " Seriously, no one's gonna get that," I said getting up. " it's probably those people that come round and ask for money," Ashton said as the all gathered round the table. " Or my brother," I said opening the door, " Marcus, Troye, you two are soaking wet come in!" I exclaimed and let them through out of the cold. We went into the living room and saw the guys playing FIFA! " Hey Troye,Marcus your back, come play FIFA with us!" Calum said pausing the game, " Sure, We love FIFA!" They both exclaimed excitedly. As the boys played FIFA, I just sat on the sofa bored, all I did was look at my twitter. I looked on my page and was so shocked. I had hate comments, I hadn't ever gotten them ever! It said things like, '@ZoeLover2003 How could she steal someone else's boyfriend then break up with him and not care, she's such a bitch!' And another one said ' @ZoeLover2003 I can't believe that Mackenzie would try and steal Luke Hemmings from Emmy, I know they broke up but he can't just break up with someone then go and dates another girl straight away, I BLAME HER!' And another one, it's from Emmason, ' Hey guys, I really miss Luke, but now I can't go back to him because @ZoeLover2003 wants to date him now, my heart hurts soo much, what shall I do?' As well as that there was a hashtag trending number 1 worldwide, it was ' #HemmingsStealer2003' Ugh I just felt like screaming. I turned off my phone and just broke down.

" Hey, why are you crying Mackrnzie?" Luke asked pausing the game. I looked up and ran upstairs ignoring them and into my room. They all looked surprised and shocked when they saw me run up. Marcus, Calum and Luke came running after me. " Mackenzie, open up, it's me Marcus," He said knocking on the door. " Go away, I just wanna be on my own!" I shouted back turning around ad sliding down the door crying and crying. " Please Mackenzie we just wanna know what happened!" Calum said trying to open the door. " Mackenzie please, open up, remember, you can tell us anything!" Luke said causing me to open the door. " I only wanna talk to Luke and Calum, I'll tell you what happened later Marcus, right now I just want them?" I said and let them both in.

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