Two boys, one girl, one heart

Mackenzie lives in England, Central London, with her brother Marcus and mum, Michelle. Mackenzie is a youtube superstar as well as having her own blog and being in all the Harry Potter movies. But all that's on the internet. When off camera, Mackenzie writes lyrics and plays most instruments and sings a little but no one has ever heard her.
Zoe (zoella) who is also a youtube sensation is besties with Mack and have been since they were small.

Mack was forced to move to Australia after a horrible incident. She had to go and live with her Aunt and cousin Calum Hood, which she barely knows. She gets introduced to the rest of 5SOS and starts of in the wrong hand with one of them but slowly falls for him......
Who will it be?


14. chapter 14

Luke's P.O.V

I walk down to the jewelry shop, leaving Kenzie down at the music shop. I am really having fun today, hanging out with her is just amazing. She's so funny, beautiful, shy and sassy, (if you know what I mean) and just overall amazing. Maybe Ashton's right, maybe I do love Mackenzie, but who can I trust.........

I mean seriously, last time he told me that he was wrong because I never even liked the girl anyway. We just ended up breaking up after 2 weeks. Legitimatly! "Why are you in a jewelry store?" Your probably thinking right now. I really, really, really like Mackenzie a lot. She's amazing and a fun person to hang out with. Apparently according to Marcus she's wanted a locket and charm bracelet ever since she was little. About when she was 3 years old. (This is true in real life too, I've always wanted a locket and charm bracelet)

Sorry for not updating a lot guys. I'm just really busy because I've got 8 new cousins this year and we're inviting them all over. It's this thing we do all the time. SO ANNOYING! But fun we get to sing dance do role plays with masks of the new brides and grooms and family members. I will update soon but probably from next week. Also I have exams in 3 weeks and the results affect my whole life onwards, I'm sure Ashy Nicole Irwin can relate. We have sooooooooooooo many distractions in class all the time from the boys. Right Ash! Anyway catch ya later. ily.

I'm back! Let's keep going with the story.


All I could see were diamond rings and massive Indian jewelery sets. Today's theme in the shop was India, for some reason this shop has different themes every 4 months, it's cool though! I went up to the desk asking the girl If they had any charm bracelets or lockets. The girl turned round smiling. "Luke, hi!" She exclaims. It was Delilah. "Hey Delilah, you work here?" I ask confused, I had never seen her here before. "No, I'm just watching the shop while my aunt goes to grab us some Lunch, what are you looking for today?" She replies.

I explain that I want a charm bracelet or locket and she pulls out the most beautiful locket. The locket is the colour gold with a heart that opens up so you can put a picture in it. I was really happy with what I got. "Could you ask Mackenzie if she's free this weekend so we could hang out?" She asks me as I take the box and hide it in my pocket. I nod smiling, exiting the store looking for Kenzie, not helping but feeling a bit nervous to tell Kenzie how I feel.

Kenzie's POV

I exit the store with Ella and her 'ever so lovely boyfriend' chatting. "C'mon Mackenzie, lighten up, come with me and my mates to party tonight instead then, don't be so stubborn!" Kurt says as I see Luke walk up with a massive grin on his face. "No thank you Kurt, I already have plans tonight," I say kindly looking at Luke. "Hey Kenzie, do you wanna grab some food?" He asks politely as I type in Ella's number. I nod then Kurt whispers to me "you have plans, WITH HIM! HE'S A DADDIES BABY, HE DATED A GIRL HIS DAD SET HIM UP WITH, JUST TO MAKE HIS DADDY HAPPY!" He exclaims with an ugly expression on his face looking at Luke who was talking to Ella. "Kurt, he's my friend and yes I do have plans with him, now if you excuse me I'll be on my way!" I reply walking off back to Luke saying bye to Ella.

"Where shall we eat?"Luke inquires. In return I shrug my shoulders "wherever, I don't really mind." A quick smile springs upon Luke's face as he holds my hands and drags me along not telling me where we're going. Suddenly we reach to a stop. I look at the building, it's like a Wild West themed restaurant. "Welcome to...... The Works, they have amazing food here, breakfast, lunch and dinner plus desert all day everyday, on Christmas the gave out free meals to homeless people which was really sweet!" He excitedly chuckled. Walking into the restaurant was like walking into a Wild West movie. A few things were made out of recycled scraps to give it effect. We got our table and Joe (our waiter) went to grab us some drinks. We discuss what we would like to eat and I chose something light and healthy.

*Side note*: Luke has the hair he used to have before the quiff. His hair hasn't defied gravity yet...

*back to the story*

An hour later.......

"So you got forced to play Romeo in your primary school play and your costume ripped and everyone saw your dinosaur pants," I giggle. He nods laughing with me.  We had finished eating our food and it was delicious. We exit the restaurant and decide Gelato Messina Bondi opposite Bondi Beach. We reach our destination and sit down inside for desert. I got a mint and cookie and cream ice cream cone. Luke got 2 scoops of cookie and cream and one mint ice cream cone. It was really busy inside and was super crowded. We went outside and headed our way to the beach across the road. Suddenly a group of 30 girls came running and screaming towards Luke wanting a picture with him. Gladly saying yes they all took pictures with him and it took about half an hour. I patiently waited at the side as they took selfies and went crazy. Only two took a picture with me. "I'm so sorry, they all wanted a picture and I tried to..." He apologizes when he gets interrupted, "It's okay  don't worry about it," I smile as he takes my hand and intertwines it into his. I look down at our hands and blush. "Sit, I have something for you,close your eyes'' He says sitting me down at a bench. He went behind me and pulled out a box and places it in my hands as I open my eyes. "What is it?" I ask excitedly. ''Open it and see,'' He replies. I open the box and gasp, "Oh my gosh, it's beautiful,why?"                                                                                                                 "Someone told me you've always wanted a locket, and well, I bought you one,'' He replies taking the locket and putting it on me as I stand up.                                                                                                              " It's beautiful, thank you!" I squeal excitedly hugging him. "It must have been really expensive," I say.     "A beautiful locket needs a beautiful owner, just like you," He says sinking my heart making me blush. "Y...You think I'm beautiful?" I ask shyly, looking back up to him. He nods. "Shall we go, I think Calum's gonna reach home with your aunt and Mali soon. We hold hands and walk back home.



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