Two boys, one girl, one heart

Mackenzie lives in England, Central London, with her brother Marcus and mum, Michelle. Mackenzie is a youtube superstar as well as having her own blog and being in all the Harry Potter movies. But all that's on the internet. When off camera, Mackenzie writes lyrics and plays most instruments and sings a little but no one has ever heard her.
Zoe (zoella) who is also a youtube sensation is besties with Mack and have been since they were small.

Mack was forced to move to Australia after a horrible incident. She had to go and live with her Aunt and cousin Calum Hood, which she barely knows. She gets introduced to the rest of 5SOS and starts of in the wrong hand with one of them but slowly falls for him......
Who will it be?


7. Breaking Up

We were soon back on the actual main road which had signal thankfully and we both sat in silence after the 'incident'. I was looking out the window into the beautiful sunny, baby blue sky with the sun shinning brightly. My phone rang, breaking the silence and drawing my attention. I picked it up to see Jack was calling. Why was he calling now, it's like midnight for him back home. I picked up the phone choking back my tears and not help but feeling worried. " Hello," I said waiting for an answer.

" Hi Mackenzie, how are you?" He asks starting a conversation.

" I'm good, I really miss you a lot, I miss everyone soo much," I say holding back my tears in my eyes.

" Listen, I have to tell you something important, it's about our relationship, it's not because I don't love you, I do, I really do, it's just that long distance relationships are really hard for me and I know is for you too, so I, I think we should break up," he says choking back his tears. I agree with him, it's too hard having long distance relationships, for everyone.

" I agree, I still really miss you," I say crying

" I miss you too, I'll call you later, okay, bye," he says cutting the line.

Hey guys I've nearly reached my target! I'm so close, I just need 1 more like and then I've reached my goal. Thank you so much if you have liked, favourited, became A fan or commented. Once I reach my target, instead of adding a twist, I wanna use one or two of your ideas for my story. In the comments send me some ideas I could use for my stories and I might include your idea and add your name in the credits in the end. You might even become a character! Thx!



I put my phone in my bag and started breaking down. I just broke up with the most amazing supporting boyfriend ever. What was I supposed to do now. " Hey are you okay?" Luke asks me noticing that I was crying. "I'm fine, me and Jack just broke up," I stammered wiping away my tears. "Oh, I'm sorry, he's a jerk for breaking up with you, you're amazing, and I'm sorry too for acting like a total idiot before!" He said causing me to smile. " I apologize too, you were the one in charge, I should have listened to you, wait hang on.... do you really think I'm amazing? " I smiled looking at him. " Yeh, why would I say that if I didn't mean it, you are really amazing!" He said looking back at me. "Thank you," I say blushing and getting my mini mirror from my bag. "OH SHOOT!" I whisper really loudly. I quickly grab my bag and take out my emergency make up kit which had all my girly stuff in. I took out some baby wipes and took off all my make up since it was smothered all over my face from when I was crying. Glad to take all that mess off my face, I just put some foundation, eyeliner, mascara and my Tanya Burr lip-gloss in the colour ' I found Nemo' on, so I look a little nice. Soon we arrive at the beach, and luckily before the others.


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