Blank Space

"Why could you do this, You changed since last year!"
"if you asked my ex lovers they will tell you im insane,"


1. Chapter 1

Harry's POV

Why did this happen, she was all sweet until I talked to another girl and now she is blabbing about it, just make her shut up already

"Harry are you even listening to me?" She asked 

"Yes I am," I said 

"Then what did i just say?"  She asked

"Then what did I just say?" I said

"No before that!" She said louder

"Harry are you even listening to me!" I said

"Thats it!" She yelled and pulled a gun out 

Flashback ended......

You guys are probably confused so let me introduce myself Im Harry of course and that girl yelling at me is my girlfriend Taylor, shes crazy. Im 18 years old and she is 17 years old.  You guys might be wondering why im still dating her is because if you did not know that im Harry Styles from One direction and she is Taylor Swift and our "people" set us for publicity but no one knows she is a murderer she has this thing called "Blank Space"  so this is my story about how I almost got murdered and this is how it started.

~December 2013~

It was a hot  day in Los Angeles I was out at lunch surrounded by a bunch of security  and screaming fans were surrounding us.  I love my fans but they will not let us be alone but the attention of all the girls is every boys dream.  We were walking out and I saw my girlfriend,Taylor coming up to me.

"Hey," I said as she gave  me a hug

"Whats wrong sweetie?"  Taylor said 

"Nothing wrong,"  I said

"Well there is something wrong,  I am going to taking you out to dinner tonight at 8 so be ready," Taylor said

"I can't go out tonight  i have a rehearsal tonight, "  I said 

"You can just miss one rehearsal, right?" She said 

"No I can not I already used that one going ice skating with you," I said 

"We can make a reason for you not being able to come in tonight,"  She said 

"Like what?"  I said all scared backing away 

"We can say you "accidentally" fell down the stairs and you had to go to the hospital," Taylor said 

"No,Taylor I am going to rehearsal tonight," I said

"Did you just say me?" She said 

"Yea I did say no, what are you going to do about it," I said 

"Oh oh you do not say no to me," she said turning around as I saw that she had a gun in her back pocket, I did not know about that.  This is not going to be good


Hey guys this is basically the beginning so i wanted to make it like what it is basically is about to see if you will like so this is going to be short. i hope you guys like it remember like, fave and fan me,  I also have two other books out one is called Never Mess With Us and More than this 2 and I have more than this 1 but if you would read more than this i would read the first one and then the second one :) and i am co authoring a book with my friend on here you can find it on my profile or go to her profile she is Abbi_Styles_125 and you should go fan her and like her own book its called You And I and like it and favorite it 

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