My Future Husband


2. Meeting Him

I was completely shocked I didn't know what to think

"I have to marry someone I don't even know and I don't have any say in the matter?" I asked my father.

"That's right and he is going to be here any minute so please go dress into something nice." My dad said. I storm up to my room and look for the perfect out. ( might be getting married to the guy doesn't mean I still can't look presentable after all I'm a gang leaders daughter) I decide to wear a black dress with a lace fringe and put half my hair and half down. After applying a little make up I make my way down stairs and see the guy my dad wants me to marry.

He's super tall, has blonde hair up in a quiff, a lip ring, and gorgeous blue eyes. When he notices me, walks up and introduces himself.

"Hi my names Luke, you must be Lauren my bride to be.

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