This is my entry for the '7 Days' writing competition. I have opted to go with the idea that the plot will reveal itself as I go along-and by that, I mean that I have a very vague idea of what is going to happen and how it'll turn out. I hope this will turn out pretty cool, as I must admit, some of you probably won't like at how unplanned I've been. So please, enjoy! :D


1. Prologue-5+2=7

        Seven days. That all it took. Seven days. Seven-that's five plus two. Two plus five, amongst other calculations. That's one hundred and sixty eight hours. One million and eighty minutes. Six billion and forty eight thousand seconds. All that time-it seems long. But it was only a week. Seven days. One hundred and sixty eight. A million and eighty. Six billion and forty eight thousand.

        5+2=7. That's all.

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