I still love you

He loved him more than a friend. He loved him more than he should. But it's too late. He's already gone.


1. I still love you

Dear love of mine.

How many times haven't I done this already? Sat here by my table with a pen in my hand.

Every week ever since that day.

I miss you dearly and I want you back. I could have saved you but I didn't. If only I knew then.

The times have changed greatly but yet I live in the past clinging to your dead body.

I still look for you. I look everywhere.

I will look for you even if I might never find you. I will never give up. Your life was worth more than hundred of mine.

That day in the moment of your last hour I held you. I held you closely and told you the second biggest secret in my life. You found out that I wasn't perfect but yet you thanked me.

My biggest secret was that I loved you. But I was never brave enough to tell you as much. Not even when death knocked on your door.

I loved you ever since I met you and I will and can never forget you.

I lied to you and to myself denying that I was in love with a man let alone my soul mate!

I was discurraged but as said, times have changed and I am more open with my feelings. I knew I loved you but I kept denying it, everyday and every passing hour.

I wish I had told you even if you might not have loved me back. Now that I am old I still wish to tell you. I want to be with you no matter what gender or age.

I dearly wish to find you my love. That is what I am set upon until the day I die.

I loved you once and I still do.

I always have and I always will.

Yours forever

Your friend in love.

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