Pretty Little Liars: Playing the A-Game

Rosewood is a perfect town with many great secrets, the ugliest of which belong to the four prettiest girls in town: Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily. These are friends whose darkest secrets are about to unravel. One year ago, the Queen Bee of the group, Alison, disappeared, and the girls stopped being friends. When they all meet again they start getting messages from "A", which only Alison would know. As their secrets are spilled, they hunt down who ever is behind this. Did Alison come back from the grave or is she dead? Find out in Pretty Little Liars!


2. Mall Fiasco

Hanna's P.O.V.

I stood at the sun glass counter of the upscale department store. I was skinny and gorgeous. I was the currently stylish "it girl" at Rosewood High. I tried on a glamorous pair of expensive shades and saw myself in the small mirror on the desk. I looked up at the worker.

"Can I see the Guccis in the front?" I asked the clerk.

There were a dozen pairs of glasses already out on the counter. Just those could cost two thousand dollars total.

"I'll have to put a few of these back." the clerk told me while handing me the Guccis.

"But they're all maybe's." I told him while leaning over the counter, intentionally giving him a peep show of my boobs. I looked up and saw that he was looking. Ever since my father left I've changed my look to make him notice me. Shop-lifting seemed to be my hobby.

"Those look-" the clerk told me. He glanced back up at my face, "Amazing on you."

Mona, my best friend, who has thin and attractice, called me from across the aisle. She had a floral summer scarf wrapped around her neck.

"Is this me?" Mona asked me.

I scanned her body.

"Or is it a little too much you... mother?" I asked her with a smirk.

Mona looked at herself in the mirror. She took off the scarf. I looked around me and saw that these two women, who seemed in their 40's glanced at me and shared gossipy whispers as they passed me. I turned back around.

Mona walks over. "I am loving those glasses. How much?" she asked me.

"Three fifty."

I looked past Mona and saw Spencer looking through dresses in the women's fashion department. When Mona turned her attention to this yellow scarf I turned to the clerk.

"I'll be right back." I told the clerk.

I went up to Spencer.

"I can't believe Spencer Hastings actually has time to shop.

Spencer looks up to see me. She acknowledged me as though we had to been friends for months. She smiled at me.

"I mean, you're interning for the mayor, taking clases at Hollis, organizing the junior fund-raiser, and overseeing the barn-to-loft conversion which you're moving into this weekend. And in your leisure moments, you facebook and tweet." I told her with a grin.

"You know me. I like to stay busy." Spencer replied.

"It's called a summer vacay for a reason, Spence." I told her. I called her Spence back when we were all friends with Allie. I guess since we've all been busy since she died, I haven't had the chance to call her Spence.

"And you spent yours sunning, shopping, and Seaning." Spencer said. Sean was my boyfriend.

"Tweet tweet!" I whispered.

The women staring at me before were now glancing over at both me and Spencer.

"I hate this day." Spencer told me while putting away a dress.

The women approached us.

"You were friends with her, weren't you?" a women with a pixie cut and bright red earrings on asked us.

Me and Spencer shared a look, but before we could respond the other lady spoke up.

"Know that we still think about her, too." she said.

"And pray for her." the pixie lady added in.

They finally walked away after a good, long, and awkward stare.

"She's gone but she's everywhere." Spencer told me with a sad look.

"I can't believe it's been three years." I replied.

"My parents had the Fields' over for a 'que last weekend. It was almost painful to hang out with Emily. I mean I still like her, but we just don't connect anymore." she told me concerningly.

"It's weird how we all used to be so close and now... not so much." I told Spencer.

"Remember what Ali said that night, about our secrets bonding us forever?" Spencer asked me. I nodded to Spencer.

"I think it was the opposite." she added on.

We shared a bitter sweet moment of acknowledgement.

"So, what's the occasion?" I asked Spencer who was once again looking through the clothing.

"Dinner in the city with the fam. We're meeting Melissa's fiance." she told me.

"Did Miss Perfect find Mister Perfect?" I teased.

"He's a med student. Everyone's thrilled." she told me. I could tell she could care less.

"Well, then that's not the right top." I told her.

I set Spencer's handbag down and looked through a rack of clothes. "You need to turn heads." I told her.

"Away from Melissa? Please!" Spencer exclaimed.

I pulled out a sexy, low-cut blouse from the rack and showed it to Spencer.

"I like this for you." I told her.

Spencer looked at it.

"Trust me, heads will turn and if there's a man named Dick in the room he'll be standing at attention." I told her.

"Hanna, you're incorrigible." Spencer told me laughing.

"I try," I said while smirking, "See you at the playground."

"See you." Spencer said back.

Spencer turned her attention back to the clothes.

I went back down the escalator. I put the glasses down on her face and walked toward the exit. She passes by a security guard and we lock eyes. I wondered if he was watching me.

The sun glass clerk glances up as Hanna leaves. Confused, he looks down at his counter of pricey classes and starts counting. I felt a rush of nervousness and excitement as I went toward the exit door.

"Miss!" the guard proclaims.

The security guard reaches for her arm. My heart pounds rapidly as he grabs me. I slowly turned toward him.

"You forgot your bag." the security guard told me.

Relief washes over me as the guard gives me my purse. I flashed him a huge smile.

"Thank you." I said smiling.

I walked on and as I round the corner Mona joined me.

"Jesus, I thought you were busted." Mona said.

I noticed hte yellow scarf tied around Mona's neck. I pulled off the sales tag.

"Nice scarf." I told Mona.

"Nice glasses." Mona replied.

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