Mondays { Calum Hood Fanfic }

It started With an innocent kiss..




I opened my ugly yellow locker and got my books for my next class, but just as I thought I could close my locker peacefully Calum Hood the schools bad boy, or as I like to call him: Jackass 
Smashed my locker so it almost sounded like a gunshot and said something I honestly didn't hear because I just walked away. 
But of course Jackass followed me and started shouting my name through the crowd,
I quickly turned around I wouldn't have people starring at me..

“So Alyssa.. I was wondering if you where busy tonight?”.

“If this is your way of asking me out.. Then no!”.

“No you dumb fuck” he said laughing.

Gosh now it was awkward.. But then he continued talking.

“I was wondering if you could I don't know tutor me?”.

“I don't know can I!?” I answered sarcastically. 

“If that's the case.. THEN YES YOU CAN” He said trying to mock me..

Holy shit this was going to be horrible..!


Seriously? Did she really think I would ask her out!? IN HER DREAMS MAN!

All though I gotta admit, behind those huge ass glasses, she was pretty hot.
After next period, I met up with my mates in the cafeteria.

“Yo Cal over here!” My friend Michael yelled.

I “ran” over to his table where some cheerleaders where and of course Michaels friend Luke..

“So what are you doing tonight?” Michael asked while stuffing his mouth with the awful spaghetti the cafeteria served almost every day.

“Ugh I'm going to that girl Alyssa’s house so she can tutor me, my  mom is going to kill me if I get another F on my math test” i answered.

“Wait Alyssa Clark?” Michael quickly asked lifting his face from his food.

“Yes? Why?” I asked confused.

“Have you seen her!? She like super hot! AND SMART!” He answered.

“I guess so” I said and started eating.

“Dude I will give you 20$ if you make her like you!” Michael said.

“I don't know man..” I said hesitating.

“Oh come on!”

“Okay then! But you better start getting those 20$ then” I said leaving the cafeteria.

 I started searching for Alyssa, and found her in the library.

Oh how cliché

I took a chair and sat across her, she looked up and had a weird look on her face.

“Uh.. What are you doing here?” She whispered.

“Just follow me” i whispered.

I wasn't gonna let those 20 bucks go to waste!

I took her hand and she followed me until I stopped at a park near our school.

“What are we doing here?” She asked confused.

“Well i want to know more about you” i Said.


“Well I want to know more about you” 
I don't know why but I got this weird feeling about those words..

“Well.. What do you want to know then?” I asked.

And by that our conversation lead to another weird question from Jackass.

“So how about we skip the tutoring today and maybe stay here?”

I nodded and said

“well I don't really care I'm not the dumb one here..” While laughing

He hit my arm playfully and I started to hit him on the shoulder as revenge.

“AW! That really hurt!” He quickly shouted.

There sent a Quick moment of akward silence until he said

“I'm kidding for fucks sake!” While laughing meanwhile he “attacked” me.

About 5 minutes later I was laying on the ground with Calum laying on me.

“Calum? You do know I'm not going to kiss you like in those cliché love stories right?” I asked while giggling.

He quickly got away and tried saving his massive fail attempt.

“I wasn't trying to kiss you duh” he said 

“Sure haha” I said and sat next to him again.

We just sat there looking at the sky, suddenly I started to yawn 

“Aw are you tired?” He said trying to sound like a girl.

“Nooo” I said sounding as miserable as I could.

“How about I take you home huh?” He asked

I nodded and we got to his car, I got in and he started driving to my house.
How did he even know where I lived?
Once he parked in my driveway I got out and so did he.
We stood at the door to my house.

“So I'm still not going to get a kiss?” He asked innocently

“I thought you didn't want to kiss me?” I asked trying to tease him a little.

He then started getting closer to me, I felt his warm breath against my skin. 
Then, without thinking he crashed his lips into mine.

“I got it now” he whispered and smirked.

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