Matter of Time

A world full of magic but it's also a world where darkness lurks in the deepest corner of the abyss. One day came and one of the darkest guild in the continent activated "FACE" a weapon used to eliminate the existence of magic. Fairy Tail guild is one of those who tried and helped to stop FACE from activating but they failed. How will they be able to do jobs and requests from people without magic? Is there any chance that their magic will come back?


1. Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own FairyTail and it's characters, they belong to the great master of trolls *drumrolls* HIRO MASHIMA !!! 



Rain heavily pouring outside, my sliding window is now blurry with tiny droplets and is now painted with fog. I threw my blanket away and slowly crawled out of my bed. I stood in front of my window, there I blew my morning glory breath and traced a smiley face. It lightened my mood a little, I'm having a bad hangover from last night's drinking competition with stupid Bacchus. I swear, I'm gonna beat that guy. I just need to have a perfect timing and perfect reading with the Wheel of Fortune. I went to my bathroom and washed my face, I put my both hands on the side of the sink and looked at my reflection on the mirror. What have I been doing with my life? 

It's been a year since the conflict with Tartarus Guild has subsided. Though we fail to prevent the "FACE" right after we defeat all the demons. Yes, we were late. I still remember myself, sitting on the edge of a broken building, wounded and I still had the energy to drink some booze. I lost hope, seeing all my friends in the brink of death. I brokedown. Until a warm light surrounding the area or rather the world, it was when I knew that Lumen Histoire has been released. I grinned. Soon after that, I can't feel any magic at all. We failed to prevent the face. 

I missed how I play cards and how I used to cast magic on it, I lost almost everything, I can't use magic. But I have survived everyday's mission since every mages on this continent has no magic at all. They were all affected by FACE. I hate it how I can't make predictions accurate and now I'm relying on Tarot Cards to make fortune tellings and a book as a reference. 

I splashed water on my face and wiped it with my towel. I had a quick toothbrush and went downstairs to the guild's main hall. There, I saw Natsu and the gang having a little chitchats. Chuckling with each other, like what had happened to us never did happen. I'm getting used to it, since they've already moved on from that incident. But I still have the feeling, feeling of hope that our own magics will come back to us. 

"Hey people!" I beamed. 

"Yo Cana!" Natsu and Gray said in unison. I grinned at them.

"Hi Cana!" Lucy smiled at me and I give her warm smile back.

"Hey Lucy, what's up? Are you guys gonna have some jobs today?" I seated at the table beside Wendy with Carla and Gray we are facing Lucy, Natsu and Happy. While Gajeel , Juvia, Romeo and Levy on the other table. 

"Uhm... I don't know." She glanced at Natsu. "Is there some jobs we could take today?" She said. 

"Yeah, Mira reserved something for us, she talked to me last night." He said, chewing some meat. 

"Oh that's good." I said, taking a mug of beer.

Since the lost of our magic, my alcohol tolerance had slow down. Back then, I could finish a lot of barrels and lot of beer cases. I couldn't count it. But now, only three little barrels and I'm already drunk. I hate it. The same with the others, Natsu's sorta afraid of flames now. Gray on the other hand can now feel cold. Erza has somehow lost half of her strength and she doesn't wear armors now. Happy, Carla and Pantherlily can no longer fly. Lucy had missed her celestial spirits already. Though the Celestial world wasn't affected with the "face", they somehow manage to open their own gates and visit Lucy out of the blue. Loke's the only one who always visit her, love I tell you. Wendy fears winds sometimes, Gajeel don't eat iron craps anymore. Levy is still a bookworm but it's hard for her to finish one book in a five minute span. Juvia fears to swim on depth waters. A lot has changed. Within a year without magic we did manage to adjust.

Natsu and the gang took the job Mira reserved for them even though it's raining outside. Mirajane still wears her enthusiastic smile that no one could predict whether she's putting a sarcastic or a serious one. Master had gone to Magic Council to have a monthly meeting and I don't know what they're going to tackle about when dark guilds no longer exist after that incident. But sometimes, when Master comes home he always brought weekly sorcerrer magazines where girls in bikini showed off. I doubt if he even attended their meetings. He always spare some volumes to Macao and Wakaba. I hate to admit, I'm also in there, good thing I'm only doing for the cover when winter and summer comes. Unlike Jenny Realight and Mira who is always the face of the mag. Erza, Juvia and Kagura is in the line too. Sadly, Lucy has no chance at all. 

I decided to just stay on the guild and have a boozing session with Macao and Wakaba. Seriously, this old mans are whole lot perverts. I "facepalmed" myself as Macao trying to talk about his new girlfriend and Wakaba telling us a short story when he met a blonde-chick roaming around Magnolia a few days ago. When I felt like I'm a little tipsy, I went upstairs and to the guild's famous balcony where the land of Magnolia could be seen clearly. The rain had stopped just a moment ago. I took a seat on the porch then I saw Erza at the ground below, leaning her back on the wall, crossed arms and eyes closed. Then a familiar sight of a man came. I could clearly hear from above what they are going to talk. Because I'm good as a saint, I tried to eavesdrop.

"It has been awhile Jellal." Erza said, closed eyes and a grin appeared on her face, when the man came nearer to the door.

"I think you got the wrong person." Said the man hiding his face under his coat. Oh crap it! It's Mystogan. I quickly covered my mouth just in case I would burst out laughing,holding my stomach, and I took a deep breath now I'm back to my composure. That would be so embarrassing, I saw shades of light red painting on Erza's cheek, then she opened her eyes. Keeping her cool , she spoke to him. Wait what is he doing here?

"I'm sorry, I thought it was him." So Erza's waiting for Jellal eh? 

"I saw him two days ago, she's with a pink-haired girl. Is she his girlfriend?" Not so cold husky voice came from Mystogan's mouth.

"No, that's Meredy. Anyways, why are you here? You should be in Edolas right now." Said Erza.

"I came to visit the guild." 

"Huh? There's no magic in Edolas nor here. How were you able to get here?" 

"Well, I've been here for years now. Up until the point where I witnessed the sudden lost of magic in this world. I do secret visits, only Master knows." I saw Mystogan entered the guild and Erza followed.

Mystogan has been living on earth for years now and he hasn't said a thing to us? Like we've been through a lot. He hasn't showed up. How can he show such face to Master when he hadn't do a thing. I could feel some burning flame on my heart, an anger that's ready to burst out. We've trapped seven years on Tenroujima, fought dragons, and survived the dark abbys of Tartarus and there's no hint of Mystogan. Unless, he tried to copy Jellal, since Jellal could do vice versa. But how did he came here after what happened on Edolas? He sure is kind of mysterious. Add to that, Master didn't said a thing. I sighed.

I stared up at the sky, now it's painted blue and slowly the dark clouds had disappear. I'm still hoping for the day our magic will come back. So this is how normal humans feel, no conflicts, no fights and almost everything is at peace. But I'm a human too, the only difference is that I have a magic, unfortunately it's gone now. Those normal people are the innocent ones, they're pretty lucky, but I know somehow they also have conflicts in their lives. But it's kinda different from us, our enemies are from other guilds that tries to take over the world. Their enemies are themselves and the people they love. We have that too. Does that even make sense? A voice snapped me back to reality.

"Cana" A familiar voice calling my name, my old man has arrived.

"Gildarts, I-" before I could finish my sentence he cut me off. "Dad it is" he corrected.

"D-dad" okay so I should have been used to it, many years had passed already. And yet, I still can't act like a normal daughter should do. Dad. Dad. Dad. 

"I miss you so much Canaa!!!" He runs to hug me, treating me like I'm a five year old. It became tighter that I coud hardly breath.

"I-i can't breath! Let go of me now!" I winced. He still hug me. "You really look like your mother."

"Dad, I know you miss me but don't kill me, okay?" I chuckled. He then let go of me. 

"Sorry about that, it's just that you didn't notice me, earlier when I stood at the front door. I thought you're thinking about your boyfriend." He let out a laugh. I feel the heat on my cheeks at his last sentence. I never had a boyfriend. Oh god, I haven't find one yet! I'm getting old.

I laugh along with my old man. "You do know, I'm just focus on my barrels that I have forgotten to go out and find some dates out there." 

"You've been drinking a lot lately."

"Nahh, I'm not that drunkard anymore." I said a sheepishly smile showed off. I'm just so disappointed, I couldn't handle too much alcohol anymore.

"Really? so it has really affected all of us, huh" He chuckled. I could see sarcasm behind those chuckles. 

"Obviously it did." My eyebrows furrowed and so does Gildarts'.

Later that evening, Natsu and the gang came back from their jobs and from the look of Lucy's face. I knew it, they didn't took home their rewards or rather payments. I'm sitting at the bar, drinking a glass of wine. Ignoring all the brawls from behind. Natsu and Gray are fighting nonsense again. 

"You squinted eyes!!" Gray shouted and chasing after Natsu. In return, natsu shouted back.

"Droopy-eyes!!" Tongue sticked-out, wide squinted eyes of him and teeths just like saw I couldn't believe Natsu is a human. They keep on running until they hit my back.

"You idiots!! I can't concentrate!" I yelled at them. They didn't stop pissing each others ass off. 

"Concentrate on what Cana? " Gray said, still tangled with Natsu.

"I can't concentrate drinking, you two are just so annoying!" Tsk. I said.

"Droopy-eyes! I'm gonna take your underwear and throw it to Galuna Island! Ninn" Natsu said.

"Brilliant plan, squinted eyes!" Then Gray started running, Natsu chasing after him. 

Their little fight leads to a whole guild brawling, soon after that, the guild is now in complete mess. When Natsu accidentally hits Gajeel, that stupid iron man joined in. Elfman got elbowed by Gray so he then chased after Gray, saying his favourite word and I qoute "Man!". And it was a chain afterwards, even Laxus, Mystogan surprisingly he's still in the guild and my old man had joined the fun. Of course, the ladies in there too. I was also there, throwing empty barrels to them. And we stopped when Master turned to his famous colossal form, eyebrows furrowed and nose just like a bull trying to run on a red cloth. I thank the heavens that he came to stop the mess, much to my dismay, he just wanted some attention to declare an all night party for no reason. I sighed, this always happen. 

And we all ended up sleeping in the guild hall.

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