Matter of Time

A world full of magic but it's also a world where darkness lurks in the deepest corner of the abyss. One day came and one of the darkest guild in the continent activated "FACE" a weapon used to eliminate the existence of magic. Fairy Tail guild is one of those who tried and helped to stop FACE from activating but they failed. How will they be able to do jobs and requests from people without magic? Is there any chance that their magic will come back?


2. Author's Note:

Matter of Time

First of, I'm sorry because I made this second part of the story as an Author's note, but chill guys the second chapter is next to this.

Well anyways, this story is made out of my broad imagination and my love for the anime--FairyTail. And this is my first story, so thank you very much Movellas for giving me the chance to share my thoughts and ideas.

 If you happened to be a fan of FT then nice to meet you! I'm not really fond of reading the manga. I actually got tired of the Tartarus arc, that's why the first chapter came along with a one year after of the FairyTail's dark ages. Yes, they failed to prevent the FACE. And I didn't expect that the new released manga chapter is also one year after of the Tartarus arc, the only difference is that they were able to stop the FACE. Coincidence isn't it? Or maybe my mind is linked with the author. That'd be really great.

 I have my own character also, they will appear on the next upcoming chapters. 

To all those who are not familiar with FairyTail, maybe this story will help you figure out. I hope so though. :) But really I'm getting weird again, thank you very much and enjoy! (I hope so :3)

The story still goes with the same culture the FairyTail have. Though, It's kind of hard for me to enter the mind of the major FairyTail characters. And I love Cana so yeah I decided to put her as my first person P.O.V. She might get a little out-of-character but I'll try to pull her personality more on this story. Shippings are okay but I'm not gonna spoil anything. But I guess you already have some idea in your mind too. 

So, so that's all. Thank you very much! Xoxo <3 



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