Trapped in The Naruto World?!?!? (discontinued)

Kylie Youka ( Kai-lee You-kah) is alone at home one day, bored. She decides to throw a small party but, it turned out to be huge. Kylie thought it was okay because her parents wouldn't be home for a little while, but boy was she wrong. Her parents crashed the party and sent Kylie to her room while they party. When she woke up she saw that she had somehow ended up in the Naruto world and she met her cat sidekick, Tootsie. Together they go on adventures in the Naruto world, doing missions, fighting in wars and mostly trying find a way back home. It is not a character x oc but, it will have bits of character (various) x oc here and there.


3. Chapter 3- The cat talked!

"Bored, bored bored, bored, bored bored, lalalalalala so bored'" I sang while stomping on the ground with my feet. I'm still stuck in a cell, by myself. Wait I forgot about my cat. Well I am technically alone because Tootsie is in another cell. "Bored, bored bored, bored, bored bored, lalalalalala so bored!" I sang even louder trying to get the guard's attention. That didn't work so instead I tried talking to him, maybe this time he would listen. "Hey guard man, whatever your name is," I heard him sigh but he didn't answer. "Guard dude,"

"guard dude,"


"guard dude,"


"hey guard dude!"

"What!" he finally yelled.

"Sheesh, you really have anger issues,'" I said offended. I heard him growl and mutter 'annoying girl' under his breath.

"Hey guard dude,"

"Why you little..." he started while getting up out of his seat in front of my cell.

"Ahhh rapist alert! Rapist alert! He's going to rape me!" I shouted with a smug smirk on my face. It looked like the guard is about to kill me.

"(guard name), don't rape the prisoner," the old man, sorry, the 3rd Hokage said. Wow, when did he get in here? I didn't see him. Then I mentally face palmed. Duhhhh he's a ninja. The 3rd Hokage looks more intimidating in person. He might look like a sweet old man when you're behind the computer screen, but don't let that fool you into thinking that when you're actually in the Naruto world, he is friendly.

The 3rd hokage looked straight at me. "So you're the one and only Mikami Midorima, I'm familiar with your work," the 3rd said to me. He must have saw my confused face because he came up to me and said,

"You are the real Mikami, right?"

"No! I keep on trying to tell you that! I'm not this Milaki Midowhat." The hokage looked closely at me and backed up after what seemed like a few minutes. He opened his mouth to say something but, someone beat him to it.

"Stop criminal, you can't trick us. We are not...," the gaurd started.

"I believe you. But to be sure I'll bring Inochi to check you out," he said cautiously keeping an eye on me. Well, at least I am actually not mikaki midoshi... I'm still working on the name. A few hours later I saw Inochi enter the room. Despite being old he is quite hot, not as much as Kakashi though.

"Yes, hokage-sama?" Inochi asked front and center. He looked at me for a second in disgust. Damn I wonder what... Mikami Midorima, yeah that's her name!... I wonder what she did to deserve this, even though she is not the one having to go through this. I mean, poor Tootsie is probably starving right now.

They strapped me down on a chair. Gaurds were surrounding the area, and when I say surrounding I mean, you can't even see a little opening. Inochi was circling me, watching my every movement even though I could barely move. He bent down right in front of me and reached his hand out and I closed my eyes as soon as they came in contact with my head. Suddenly I found my head head starting to hurt.

Oh shiz! Now they will find out all I know about them!

In the distance I saw a figure. It wasn't a person though, it was Tootsie.

" I will help you by showing him other memories, you will still keep your old memories, if you promise me one thing." My eyes opened wide. " come on we don't have time to act surprised because your cat is talking. Do we have an agreement. "

"K, what is the one thing that I will promise?" I asked getting over the surprise that my cat is talking. I mean you can kinda expect it, it's the Naruto world. He looked at me and quickly transformed into an attractive guy, dam-kazam! He had dark blue eyes and hazel brown hair. He was pretty tall and lean too. (I will include his picture later)

"You will follow my directions without any questions and please stop asking me useless questions like, 'do you want to play?'. It's annoying," he mocked me with the question part, saying it in a high-pitched voice which I assume is me. I thought about for awhile,

"Sure." The next thing he did was lift his hand up to my face and I closed my eyes again.

Flashback (this is what Inochi is seeing) my p.o.v.

A little 5 year old girl is running around yelling random stupid things. A woman walked out with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, she was smiling and looking at her daughter. Then a man with dark brown hair and black eyes, came out and stood next to his wife with a tired expression.

"Be careful!" the man yelled out to his daughter. She wasn't listening though, she was too busy frolicking around.

"Akira careful!" Akira'mother shouted out to her. As soon as Akira heard her name she stopped and looked back at her parents motioning them over with her tiny fingers. They sighed but smiled walking over to where she stood.

"Look over there mommy and daddy," she said. They listened and looked over to see a couple of ninja training. "I want to be a ninja like them and you daddy when I grow up." She looked over at them sparing with each other with sparkling eyes. Her dad chuckled and patted her head.

Flashback end

Inochi saw many other things like when she went to ninja school. Also when she graduated and then when she decided to travel the world. Kylie's memories of the real world remained and Akira's also got put into her mind.

Kylie p.o.v.

Inochi stepped back, he cleared his throat.

"She isn't Mikami Midorima, she just looks a lot like her." The hokage nodded his head.

" Have her live with you, Inochi," the hokage demanded. Inochi nodded then turned to me,

"Let's go."

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