Trapped in The Naruto World?!?!? (discontinued)

Kylie Youka ( Kai-lee You-kah) is alone at home one day, bored. She decides to throw a small party but, it turned out to be huge. Kylie thought it was okay because her parents wouldn't be home for a little while, but boy was she wrong. Her parents crashed the party and sent Kylie to her room while they party. When she woke up she saw that she had somehow ended up in the Naruto world and she met her cat sidekick, Tootsie. Together they go on adventures in the Naruto world, doing missions, fighting in wars and mostly trying find a way back home. It is not a character x oc but, it will have bits of character (various) x oc here and there.


2. Chapter 2- Hmm, Still Better Than Being Home

I turned over feeling for my Deidara body pillow but it wasn't there. Instead I felt grass. Quickly I jumped up and started looking around out of instinct. "Heh, where the fridge am I? Hmm, judging by the fridging trees and the anime-ish colors... *gasp* I'm in the Naruto world!" Hmm, better than being home.

The truth is, I've always wanted to be in the Naruto world, it's way better than being with my parents. Of course everyone would want to go to the Naruto world, I mean, except for the non-anime lovers. It's pretty cool here, yanno except for the constant wars and fights. Maybe I should head to the leaf village, at least there are some nice people there. A rustle in the bushes caught my attention, it rustled again, I looked around for something to use as a weapon. There was nothing around me except for sticks and stones.

"Alright come on out! I know you're in there! I'm warning you, I got a-a-a... katana and I'm not afraid to use it!" I shouted. The bush started to rustle again and out came a 'meow' a cat? I released the breath I was holding in. The cat walked over to me until it stopped right in front of me, 'meow?' "ahhhhh so kawaii!" I cooed grabbing the cat, it stayed perfectly still in my arms.

The cat's a boy (I checked) so I named it Tootsie, also it might be because I'm hungry and he is a brown cat and has blue eyes, he had a necklace on too. Okay! Now off to find konoha with my sidekick, Tootsie the cat! Wait a minute, what was a cat doing in the forest... without any weapons! It's dangerous here! (A/n: she is such an idiot. That's seriously what she is wondering, why it doesn't have weapons and not what a cat is doing in the forest.)



Trees, trees and ooh look more trees (note the sarcasm). *sigh* This is so annoying I think I've gone around in circles. Wait I think I see something else, oh oh, I think I see something else! Nevermind, it's a tree. I'm so booored, maybe Tootsie can play with me.

"Nee Tootsie," Tootsie turned his head towards me at the sound of his name. Tootsie looked at me as if saying 'what?'

"I'm bored, do you wanna play with me?" I said in a bored tone. He meowed in annoyance at my question, almost as if he were human.

"Sheesh! I should've named you mister grumpy pants," I replied back. This time I spotted something different, yanno other than trees. There were 4 people walking.

A kid with spiky blonde hair and blue eyes which I recognized as Naruto Uzumaki, another boy with bluish-black hair that looks like a duck's arse and onyx eyes, which I recognized as Sasuke Uchiha, a girl with annoying pink hair and vibrant green eyes, which is Sakura Haruna. Lastly a man with grey gravity defying hair, a mask and a black eye, which is Kakashi HOTake.

Tootsie started pushing me towards a tree. I looked down and he was waving his head towards a tree. Luckily I got his message and started moving over to the tree. With my stupid luck Kakashi caught me.

"Hey you girl! Who are you!?" He shouted over to me.

"Uh I'm Ky- Akira Aozora. U-uhm, I'm trying to get to Konoha. As you can see, I am lost," I told him. I couldn't blurt out my real name though, the name I picked sounded familiar somehow . He was right in front of me.

"Miss, it's the other way," he stated.

"Wow that's embarrasing," I said to myself blushing. We began walking towards the direction where Konoha is. Naruto was complaining a lot. Even more than I do, damn-kazam I never knew that was even possible, neither did poor Tootsie. He is clawing his cat eyes out.

Even though I know their names I asked them, just to keep the illusion that I don't even know them.

"So what's your names?"

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki of the leaf village. I will be Hokage one day! Believe it!"

"We have to see it to 'believe it' dope,"

"Teme, I suggest you..." Sasuke cut him off.

"I'm Sasuke Uchiha of the Uchiha clan,"

"I'm Sakura Haruno,"

"and I'm Kakashi Hatake, nice to meet you."

I stared at him straight in his eyes or eye, whichever you prefer.

"Nice to meet you too, KakashiHOTake," I covered my mouth. Kakashi just smirked looking ahead and the little brats snickered. I swear I heard the cat snicker, but I can't know for sure. (A/n: ugh she's so stupid)

An hour later we got to the front gate of Konoha.

"Hey guys! We brought a new friend!" Naruto shouted at Izumo and Kotetsu. The next thing happened way to fast. Izumo grabbed me and told Kotetsu to tell Lord Hokage that they caught 'Mikami Midorima'.

"Who's Mikami Midorima?" I asked.

"Haha nice try criminal," Izumo answered me. Tootsie was biting his leg trying to get him off of me.

"Agh! Damn cat!" Izumo yelled flinging Tootsie away. Kotetsu came back and said the Hokage wanted me to be put into a jail cell until he could 'talk' to me.

"You got the wrong girl!" I shouted. I kept struggling, Kakashi is now holding me in his arms bridal style. Kakashi transported me into a cell and left me there. A minute later Tootsie got thrown into the cell next to me.

"You okay there Tootsie?" I inquired. 'Meow' he meowed in annoyance, again.

"Hmm, still better than being home."

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