Trapped in The Naruto World?!?!? (discontinued)

Kylie Youka ( Kai-lee You-kah) is alone at home one day, bored. She decides to throw a small party but, it turned out to be huge. Kylie thought it was okay because her parents wouldn't be home for a little while, but boy was she wrong. Her parents crashed the party and sent Kylie to her room while they party. When she woke up she saw that she had somehow ended up in the Naruto world and she met her cat sidekick, Tootsie. Together they go on adventures in the Naruto world, doing missions, fighting in wars and mostly trying find a way back home. It is not a character x oc but, it will have bits of character (various) x oc here and there.


1. Chapter 1- Wait, What?!

  Bored. The one word that describes me right now.

    "Soooo bored!" Right now I'm just lying upsidedown on my couch. My mother and father are on a 'relaxing vacation', If yanno what I mean *wink, wink*

     So I'm home alone, bored out of my mind. Wait...mental facepalm. I'm home... ALONE.

     No parents telling me what to do! I could do whatever I want without my parents criticizing every single move I make! With that in mind, I called a couple of my closest friends and they called theirs that called theirs, so on so forth. So there are a lot of people in my house.

          This is awesome! It's a good thing my parents aren't here or else they would kill me. The doorbell rang again so I stopped talking to my friend.

           "Imma go see who's at the door!" I shouted over the music.

           "Okay!" She answered back. As soon as I opened the door I saw my parents that held a angry expression on their face. My face paled from horror. My parents marched in angrily.

            "Alright everyone party's over!" my dad screamed, but nobody heard him because of the loud music except, maybe the people around him. He went over to where the dj was playing the music and turned it off resulting in some angry comments.

  "Come on what gives!"
  "Hey gramps, put the music back On!"

  "Wtf dude!".

  "Enough!" my dad boomed, everyone shut up after that. My mom dragged me over to my father. They both nodded their heads, that scared me a lot.

          "Kylie (kai-lee) what were you thinking holding a huge party like this. I thought you were better than this. Now, go to your room," my dad lectured me. Everyone started laughing and pointing at me. My face was boiling with embarrassment. I stomped into my room.

             When I shut my door I heard my dad say,

             "Alright!... Now let's get this party started!"

        Wait, what???!!!

        "Ugh!" I flopped down on my bed and fell into a deep slumber.

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