My Most Memorable Moment

My Trip to New Zealand when I was younger.


1. The Snow

 My Aunty ,Uncle, cousin, my mum and I went from Brisbane to New Zealand about a 3 and half hour flight on the 28th August 2008. We went over there one main reason and that was to see my great - Grandma because she was getting quite sick and only had a little bit longer to live; so we stayed there for a week or something. After we got off the plane we got a car and our luggage and headed off to Rotorua and that was about a 3 hr drive. When we got there we went to the aparment and stealed in and of coasre it was dark so mum got me ready for bed and i went to sleep. The Next day after to breakfast we went and saw great - grandma, I was happy to see her because it was really my first time seeing her because last time I saw her i was 8 months old. When we were there we went we to the snow and I wanted to see what it was like if you have snow in your hands, it ends melting. Well it was cold very badly, when we were up at the snow mountain we went selding, made snowman and went up the chairlift too and that was pretty fun tooo. That night we went home and had dinner and watched some tv, after dinner we got hayden (my cousin) too have a bath in the kitchen sink and it wwas pretty cute tooo.


TO THE NEXT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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