My Most Memorable Moment

My Trip to New Zealand when I was younger.


2. THE NEXT TWO DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   On the 30th August, we went to see gran and got some pics. It was really nice seeing her all the time and she liked seeing us to. That day we deiced to stay home because it was quite cold and smelly outside too. so we get to the local shopping center and get some food because we didn't have mush at all. so we got some food and headed home again. Tomorrow my uncle has to go back home because he has work on Monday and it is Saturday here and Sunday in Brisbane so sadly we had to say bye to him. After we took my Uncle to the airport we went to the hot springs there and they were really nice and because we went in the middle of winter it was nice and Hot. Anyway we went to the hot spring for about 2 hours or something, I played a round in the water with Hayden. then we went back home and enjoyed a nice quite afternoon, Hayden and I had a sleep and mum and my aunty watched TV.

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