Twisted trouble f.t lana del rey and justin bieber

A fiction about how Justin Bieber bullied Lana Del Rey and messed up who she was.....


1. at the fair


I've been out on that open road,

You can be my full time daddy hot or cold,

Don't break me down,

I've been traveling too long,

I've been working to hard,

On one pretty song,


I was at the fun fair with all of my guards surrounding me. I remembered being a kid and jumping on whatever ride I wanted.

As we walked on I felt slightly claustrophobic and trapped in my own body with the days ahead of me.

My whole life felt as if it was being sucked away right in front of my very eyes, one blink and I would miss it.

As we carried on hour after hour washing over my head I came across a familiar face. As it slowly walked towards me I started to realise who it was Justin Bieber

As a kid he was always my male role model, every time I looked at his face my heart would skip a beat.

When he finally got to me he pulled in my hips for a big hug.

"How ya doin?" He said

My eyes just gleamed in his as I stood there paralysed

He smirked a little as I slowly snapped out of my dream

"G g great" I stuttered looking at my feet

He can instantly see right through my eyes and into my brain what I am thinking

"Why don't you come with me" he muttered

I followed behind him as we quickly escaped the fans into a limousine.

As we get it it's all extremely quiet. There was no noise, conversation or even music playing.

He slowly puts his hand on my wrist and pulls me in closer suddenly.

His breath goes through my face as he goes to say something


"What is it Justin?" I ask in a soft whisper

He strokes my face and sits up

"The thing is" he sighs

"I didn't think I would ever say this but, your beautiful and.....I love you"

My cheeks blush as I slowly move to sit closer to him.

"Well um......the thing is" I say sternly.

He starts to give me the puppy eyes.

"I love you too" I whisper in his ear.

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