The Drummers Sister

When Ashton told his band mates he had a younger sister, they didn't expect this.

Emily isn't anything like Ashton, other than her sarcasm and good looks. She isn't sweet, or caring. She's cold, heartless.

And maybe that's why Calum can't seem to get her off his mind. She's broken, that much he knows. He doesn't know what happened to her to make her hate the world so much, and more importantly hate herself. But he's determined to figure it out.

The only problem, will she let him get close enough to find out.


3. Chapter 2

"Hey Em? Will you come back down? Please?" Ashton's pleading voice begged from the other side of the bedroom door, Emily sighing in annoyance.

"Why would it ever want to do that?" She asked, opening the door and letting him in as she walked back to her bed.

"I want you to get to know them, they're great guys. I think you'd be good friends with them," he reasoned, quickly mentioning Michael - who he had noticed Emily's gaze lingered on longest. "Besides, Michael really wants to get to know you."

"The red-haired one? Looks kinda punk rock?" Emily asked, trying to remember which one was which.

"He is not punk rock," Ashton scoffed, earning a chuckle from her. He smiled brightly, missing the sound of her laugh.

"I'm punk rock! Don't listen to him!" Michael demanded, walking into her room. He was eavesdropping, figures.

"Oh you're totally punk rock," Emily laughed, forgetting about why she had built up a persona for the past three years, why she built her walls. It was a nice feeling.

"Thank you! You're obviously the better Irwin." Michael said playfully, punching Ashton's shoulder lightly.

"She wishes," Ashton retorted with an eyeroll.

"So are you coming back down?" Michael asked, looking at her hopefully.

"Only if we can play FIFA," she replied, watching in amusement as Michael looked at her in awe.

"You're definitely the better Irwin!"

Three Hours Later...

"Ha! I win, again!" Emily cheered, doing a small victory dance as the boys laughed slightly. She had beaten all of them, at least once. Michael, not knowing how to take a loss, has played her seven times, and only won once...

"Whatever Irwin," Michael grumbled, earning a smirk from her. She pulled her jet-black hair into a pony tail before sitting in front of him on the floor.

"I'll make a bet with you, since you obviously can't beat me at FIFA..." She started, "if you can beat me in a pizza eating contest, I won't tell anyone I beat you at your own game."

"And if you win?" Michael asked suspiciously, his green eyes starring into her hazel ones.

"You owe me a weeks worth of pizza."

"Don't do it mate, she can eat more pizza than anyone I've ever met," Ashton advised, which only seemed to make Michael want to take her up on her offer more.

"You're on."


I know this is a Calum Hood fanfic, but there is gonna be some Michael action in here.

- Kayleigh

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