The Drummers Sister

When Ashton told his band mates he had a younger sister, they didn't expect this.

Emily isn't anything like Ashton, other than her sarcasm and good looks. She isn't sweet, or caring. She's cold, heartless.

And maybe that's why Calum can't seem to get her off his mind. She's broken, that much he knows. He doesn't know what happened to her to make her hate the world so much, and more importantly hate herself. But he's determined to figure it out.

The only problem, will she let him get close enough to find out.


2. Chapter 1

"So you have a sister?" Luke asked, looking up from his current game of FIFA. Ashton gave a small nod, taking a bite of his BLT.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Calum added, his forgotten phone resting in his hand. Michael glanced up from the game for the first time since they got on the topic, seeming interested in the answer.

"She doesn't exactly support me being in the band," Ashton explained, "I kinda left her when she needed me most and she never really forgave me for it. I figured if I didn't tell you guys about her, you wouldn't want to meet her and she wouldn't get mad at me for introducing her to the guys who 'stole her big brother.'"

"You should've told us mate," Michael sighed, ending his match against Luke, Calum nodding in agreement.

"I know," Ashton sighed guiltily.

"Can we meet her? I'm sure she's not as bad as you make her out to be." Calum said, getting up from his place on the couch to take Luke's place in the beanbag chair as he began his match against Michael.

"Trust me, you don't want to meet her. But I guess you guys can meet her. How's tomorrow sound?" Ashton suggested, earning some sign of approval from each of the boys.

The Next Day...

"Emily, honey!" Her mother called from the bottom of the stairs, earning an eyeroll from the rebellious teen. Emily moved from the comfort of her room, glancing down at her mother with a raised eyebrow. "Ashton's here!"

Emily rolled her eyes, turning to return to her room when her mothers voice stopped her. "He's brought his band mates! Don't you want to meet them?"

"No mother, I don't want to meet them." Emily snapped, feeling angered at even the idea of it.

"Emily Marie Irwin, you get yourself down these stairs right now and meet these young men." Her mother demanded, a stern look on her face. Sighing, Emily trudged down the stairs and into the living room.

"Emily, this is Michael, Luke, and Calum." Ashton introduced, pointing to each of the three boys as he said their names.

Emily simply nods, glancing at them. The one Ashton had referred to as Michael had bright red hair, two or three tattoos, and an eyebrow piercing; the type of guy she would usually hang out with. Luke, had blonde hair and a lip ring, and was pretty tall. Like a giant. The last one - the Asian one called Calum - had black hair with blonde in the fringe, and appeared to have a few tattoos as well.

"Guys, this is my little sister Emily."

"Nice to meet you."

"Hi, I'm Luke."

"You're really pretty."

"Can I go now?" She groaned, turning to her mother who reluctantly let her leave.

"Isn't she a joy." Michael muttered, Luke nodding slightly.

"I warned you." Ashton chuckled, unfazed by his sisters actions.

'She can't really be like this,' Calum thought, glancing at the stairs she had just climbed, 'she probably got hurt. Someone made her like this, and I'm gonna figure out what they did.'


Hey guys, I guess I should clear some things up about the book?

Ashton left to tour with the band - who Emily didn't know about - about a month after the incident, leaving Emily alone.

He was gone for about two months before he came home for a year, before heading off again. He didn't return for six months, and even then he only stayed a week or two at a time.

Emily turned to alcohol and partying when her brother left, needing something to take her mind off of everything since she could no longer vent to her brother.

The band is back in Australia for the next four months, because they're taking a break from everything.

I hope that clears a few things up.

- Kayleigh

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