American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


32. update of sorts


its been what four months? im sorry, i honestly have no excuse for not updating, its been four months of vacation and travelling, i graduated high school, im about to go to college in 5 days i think, i've been travelling, basically just having fun.

i dont know if i should continue this book, i love writing, i love it when you guys tell me how good this is and how you just want me to update but im the most forgetful person in the planet, my memory sucks, im starting to think i have some ADD type of thing so i told my mom i want to see a psychologist so that they can either confirm or deny this. (see, i went totally of topic right there)

i really want to say thank you because i was super nervous about uploading this book but when you guys started saying how good it is it just made me want to keep writing it

but now im not sure because i dont even know whats going on anymore, i have no storyline, i think i might just leave this up and leave it to @Im_Just_A_Reject because i know she can handle it, i honestly dont know yet :( 

what do you guys think? my main problem is that i dont have a freaking storyline and i dont know if the new chapters im going to write will keep up with the old ones. idk

its really frustating, but now that im starting college im going to have even less time, and yes i know there are author who manage to balance college and writing, but i know i will not be able to do that since im the most awful person to keep track of things, so yeah.

what do you think? should i keep this up? delete it? keep writing it or just leave it to someone else?

totally off topic but my birthday was march 1st and im so happy because im 17 now and i have one year left until i can get my drivers license finally! :D 

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