American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


29. //Girl//

It was three in the morning, everyone was asleep, the cool breeze entering through the windows, Dylan was cuddled up against Luke, his arms around her, her face in the crook of his neck, that's how they slept every night, legs tangled together, all you could hear in the room was their heartbeats becoming one.

It was peace and quiet, until Indie started wailing and crying, Ashton had taken upon himself to have on of the many baby monitors in his room, all the boys had one, in case the twins woke up, one of them could go warn their parents. This time is was Ashton who woke up first, he lazily walked to the twins room, which was the door across from his.

When opening the door, the screams only became louder, he instantly recognize them as Indie's, so he quickly walked to her crib and scooped her up in his arms, she looked so small in his strong and muscular arms.

He bounced her a little, everything to quiet her down before she woke up her brother and that's something no one wanted to happen, the cries of the twins combined could end up giving you a head ache.

Ashton quietly exited the room, with Indie in her arms, little whimpers escaping her tiny lips, she was hungry he supposed, so he went into the kitchen to heat up one of her bottles.

"Shh, it's alright, sweetheart." He told her in a whisper, he grabbed the warm bottle and sat down on the living room couch, little sucking sounds coming from her niece, he was just humming a random tune to her. He loved her so much, she was like a daughter to him, he was always happy when she was around him, her little blue eyes filled with innocence and always looking at him with a curious look.

Indie started moving around, her bottle already empty, little hands opening and closing, signaling she wanted to be carried again. Ashton was surprised none of the boys came downstairs, it was almost four in the morning, calming down little Indie could be a hassle at times, but he would do anything in order to let Luke and Dylan rest a little.

Ashton went back uptstairs with the intention of putting Indie in her crib again, but when he wanted to place her down, she started crying and whimpering, her little fists tugging at his shirt, he laughed a little, the smile never leaving his face. He brought her close to his chest, his warmth instantly putting Indie to sleep. Entering his room, he moved the covers from the bed and layed down, Indie on top of his chest, her tiny hands grabbing tight at his shirt.

He slowly rubbed her back, his hand covering her whole back, he slowly fell asleep, it was almost four thirty in the morning, but he doesn't care, he would do anything for the twins.



Luke woke up to an empty bed, he didn't know where Dylan was, she usually was the last one to wake up. He didn't think anything of it, he figured she had went downstairs to make breakfast or tend to the babies. That all changed when Dylan came through the door with a screaming Tyler in her arms, she had a distressed look in her face that had Luke instantly on his feet taking the baby from her arms and letting her sit down on the bed.

"What's wrong with him?"

"He won't drink, he won't sleep, his diaper is dry, i don't know what he wants and Indie is not in her crib either!" She exclaimed on the verge of tears. She loved her children but sometimes it was too much for a nineteen year old girl.

"Okay, calm down, I'm sure Indie is with one of the boys, maybe Tyler just wants her sister with him." he took her hand and started walking through the hallway towards Ashton's room, he didn't know why, but he had a feeling Indie was in his room.

Luke went inside, Tyler still moving and crying in his arms. He saw Ashton on his bed, Indie on his chest sleeping soundly, her little hands fisting his shirt, his hand on her back. Dylan smiled, she took out her phone and snapped some pictures.

Tyler sensed her sister in the room and immediately stopped crying. Dylan went over to the bed and carefully took Indie from Ashton's arms, unfortunately waking him up in the process.

"Care to explain why was Indie in your room? You almost gave Dylan a heart attack." Luke told Ashton.

"I'm sorry Dyl, she woke up last night and I didn't want to wake you up guys, so I gave her a bottle and brought her up here." he explained, standing up on the process.

"Why didn't you leave her in her crib?" Dylan asked, Indie was spoiled as is is, she wanted her to at least sleep on her own crib.

"She didn't want to, I tried to put her down but she refused, i'm not going to refuse the princess' demands!" He laughed a little, now he had a reason to call himself her favorite uncle.

 Dylan sighed, she was tired and just overall stressed.

Seeing the twins with the boys while she was making breakfast made it all worth it.




They won. And I'm happy for that. I don't care about whatever happened. Only about them Winning. They deserve it so much.

*Song Of The Summer* 

thank you.

21K reads???!!! Applause for you guys!!! Thaaaank youuuu :D :D :D ilysm, you're the reason i'm still writing this.

I honestly don't know where is this story going honestly, i guess i'll just keep writing wherever the plot takes me.

Thank youu again :D

All The Love,


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