American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


21. //Girl//

I'm in the need for a girl to be Calum's girlfriend and a boy to be a new friend for the boys

message me at kik @skyeeknight and i'll tell you what i need to know.


//Four Months Later// 

It's all going well so far, Luke moved in with Dylan, Michael and Calum moved in with Ashton, but they still come down to help with whatever the new soon-to-be parents need. 

Dylan's baby bump is starting to show, Luke is happier than ever about it, he's always rubbing it or kissing it of whatever. 

Michael's got a girlfriend, well, in the process of getting one. He met the girl when they were out shopping for Dylan's baby things; they've gone out many times during this past months but nothing offical yet. Dylan is still bothering Michael to tell her everything, so far she just knows her name: Amara.

"C'mon Michael! Are you telling her today?!" The minute she saw Michael getting the car keys from the table, she jumped up - carefully - and started nagging him like every other time.

"Ugh, Dylan! I already told you! I'll let you know later." Michael said and went out the door, which left Dylan with a pout on her face, she turned around to get back to her book and saw Luke standing there with a smile on his face.

"You allways do the same and he never tells you, you don't learn do you?" He walked over to her and, almost by instinct, a hand went over her stomach softly rubbing little circles.

"He's really annoying, I just want to know!" 

"I know baby, c'mon we've got to go to the doctors."


"You forgot?"

"Maybe . . ."

"Today we get to find out if it's a little gir or boy we're goning to have running around in a couple of months."

"Oh! Let's go then!" 



.The hospital had been nice enough to asign Luke and Dylan a doctor who knew sign language, to avoid any inconveniences.

"Okay, Dylan, here's your baby," she pointed to something in the screen, "everything seems to be fine, it heart-" she stopped talking all of a sudden.

Luke's heart was racing really fast, is something wrong with his baby? his child? Something wrong with Dylan?

"What, what is it? Is the baby okay?" he asked, a worried look on his face.

"I'm sorry, everything is fine! Dylan I've got some good news for you." 

"What is it?"

"You're having twins!"






"Twins?!" The other three said at the same time.

"A boy and a girl." Luke stated proudly.

"A girl?!" Ashtno exclaimed. Dylan knew who would be that little girl's favourite uncle.

"You're goiing to spoil her rotten aren't you?" Luke asked him.

"Well, duh. I'm gonna be her favourite uncle!" Ha! Dyan smiled.

"Hey!" Michael and Calum also wanted to be part of this.

"Oh, please. That little boy is going to get tons of video games and football lessons from you two." Ashton explained.

"Well, that's true."

"When are you going to set up the nursery?" Calum asked, he had brought out some snacks, Dylan inmediatly grabbing the Oreos.

"Isn't it too soon?" 

"We've got months to worry about that, what about names? Have you got any?" Michael asked.

"Indie Love and Jake Tyler." Luke told them.

"They sound lovely." Ashton told them.

"We know." Luke leaned over the table to get the pack of Oreos, the only one left.

"Wait, you chose the names without asking for our opinion? How dare you?" Michael alwaysbeing dramatic.

"You would've agreed to it, and you know it." 

"Yeah, you're right."

The night was spent watching movies, eating pop corn and Dylan eating lots of Oreo cookies.





 "You love me right?" She said to him. 

"What do you want, babe?" It was three in the morning and Luke was tired.

"Chocolate ice-cream with strawberries, please?" She had this look she knew he couldn't resist

"I'll be back in a minute." He kissed her before he got up and walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

"What does she want this time?" Ashton asked, he was going to spent the night here, he had a habit of doing that, all the boys did.

"Chocolate ice-cream and strawberries." He opened the fridge to find the container with cut up strawberries and the Ben&Jerry's ice cream, he got a bowl and started fixing up his girlfriend's request.

"Hey, princess."  Ashton noticed Dylan entering the kitchen, a sleepy look on her face, her belly could be seen under her night gown, one of her hands gently rubbing it.

 "What are you doing down here? You need to rest." Luke told he, he then passed her the bowl with a spoon.

"Thank you, Lukey, It looks awesome." She smiled at him. He came over to her side and kissed her.

"I get none? That's not fair!" Ashton complained.

"You're not four months pregnant and you're not my girlfriend." Luke stated.

Ashton saw how Luke went to the fridge to put away the carton of ice cream and wash the dishes he had used. He smiled when a spoonful of ice cream and strawberries appeared in front of his face.

He gladly took it, and smiled at Dyla, who was giggling a little.

Dylan kept feeding Ashton bites of her ice cream when Luke wasn't looking of course. He had stated that Ashton was capable enough of doing it himself.

Soon enough, sunrise arrived, it was six thirty in the morning, Dylan had a hot mug of tea on her hands, The Lion King was playing on the flat screen TV in front of her. Simba was crying over his dead father when the doorbell rang.

"Whya re you crying? What happened? Is it the baby?" Calum asked.

Dylan just pointed to the TV and the boys nodded in understanding.

"Okay, get dressed! We are going out for breakfast." Michael told her.

"It's six in the morning, i don't wanna. Bring me my food here." Dylan told the boys.

"Not happening, girl. Get dressed! Luke and Ashton should be ready by now."

Right on cue, said boys came down the stairs.

 "Fine, i'll be back."





"Hello, I'm Anna and I'll be your waitress, can I get you some drinks?" A girl around her twenties said.

"We'll have some coke," Ashton looked at Dylan and she told her a glass of water and Luke wanted Orange juice, "a glass of water, and one fo orange juice please." Anna nodded and went away.

"I want a fruit salad and some bacon, please." Dylan said.

"Pregnancy does strange things, five months ago, you would've never thought about putting those two together." Luke told her.

"Well, it's not my fault, your kid wants it." She retorted, the waitress returned with their drinks and Ashton ordered their food.

"When are the little ones due?"Ashton asked.

"I think April next year." Dylan said, the food had arrived and she was wasting no time.

"Are you going to have a baby shower?" Michael asked, unlike Dylan, he was eating slowly.

"I don't know, do you guys want to throw one to me?", no answer, "exactly." She was sad to say the lest, not because she wasn't going to have a baby shower, with the things the boys had bought she had enough for the first months; but because of the fact no girls were going to be around during all these experience.

"Don't be sad, babe." Michael told her.

"I'm fine guys, I love you but I need some girl time, with girls." She explained.

"You'll have one soon, I hope." Michael said. Dylan smiled when she realized what he meant. 

"Oh my god! I'm getting to meet her?!" She was so happy, finally a friend who isn't a boy.

"We are going tomorrow to the mall because she needs a new dress and you are coming with me." He told her.

"You have no fashion sense at all so I'll come for sure." She said,a  giggle escaping her mouth.

The boys very rarely heard a true laugh coming from Dylan, so when it did they smiled like crazy, even it they were in a terrible mood.

They arrived at home, it was eight thirty in the morning, plenty of time to do things, the problem is none of them were in the mood to do anything. That's how they ended on the couch, bowls of popcorn on the coffee table, soda cans all over the place, a bottle of water for Dylan.

"Why? Why does it always end like that?" Michael asked, they've watched all the Marvel movies by now, it was eight at night and they still had to watch Captain America: Winter Soldier.

"They are scenes from other movies to come, it's like a preview." Calum explained.

"Put the other one! C'mon Ashton!" Dylan was impatient.

He just laughed at her and put on the movie. Two hours later Dylan was passed out, cuddling Luke's side, Ashton was sleeping next to her, Michael and Calum on the floor.

Luke lifted Dylan carefully, watching not to bump her belly on anything, he carried her upstairs to their bedroom and put her down on bed, putting a sheet over her.

He went back down to turn off the TV, the lights and to put covers over the three boys. When he returned upstairs, Dylan had somehow managed to change into one of his shirts, and pul the duvet on top of her.

He took off his shirt and layed down next to her, pulling her into his arms. 

Dylan was all he needed, he was going to make sure to have her forever.


School is killing me, I'm sorry.

I actually have no idea what month her babies are due, I was counting the months since they they've met. Counting from january, 5+2+1+4 which gives april next year ( 2016 )




EASTER BREAK means essays and papers and homework for me #KillMe

I'll try to update this weekend.

I hope you like the chapter, If I killed you from feels IM SO SORRY.

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