American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


18. //Girl//

*One Week Later*

Ashton was on the line to pay for the pills he had picked up for Dylan. Apparently she had caught one annoying stomach bug that won't go away. She's had it for days now. He had his suspicions this could be more than a stomach bug.

He had already payed and was on his way to her house. His phone rang.

"Hello?" He answered.

"You've already got those meds? She's getting worse." Michael told him.

"I'm on my way there." Ashton was a couple blocks away, he could see the familiar oak tree that belonged to Dylan's front yard.

"Hey, Michael. I think we should take Dylan to the doctor's."


"It's not normal to have the stomach flu for so many days."

"Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting, because there's no way it could've happened"

"Oh, please. They've been together for months now. It was bound to happen. Not her being like this, but you know what I mean."

"Ugh, gross. Whatever, I'll schedule one for this evening. You better be wrong, or I'm murdering your best friend."

"Yeah, whatever, you idiot. Already around the corner, see ya."

"See ya."

Ashton arrived home with the meds for Dylan.

"Here, princess." She handed her a spoon with yogurt. He had mixed the pills with it, Dylan almost choked the other time she tried to swallow a pill. None of the boys want that to happen.

"Thank you, Ashton." Dylan was laying on the couch, a blanket over her and a bucket by her side. Shadow was curled up on her stomach, his face sad.. He felt the pain Dylan was feeling.

"You want to move up to your room?" Ashton saw the discomfort on her face. Sleeping on the couch must be horrible.

"Carry me?" She lifted up her hands.

"Sure thing." He lifted Shadow and put him on the floor, he protested by growling at Ashton

"He sure loves you."

"And I love him too." Dylan told him.

Ashton carried her up to her bedroom, laying her on the bed and pulling the covers over her. The minute she was on her bed, Shadow jumped up to curl on her side.

"Do you have any idea where the boys are?" Ashton asked as he brought the bucket to put by her bed. She laughed a little when he mentioned the boys.

"Check Calum's room." 

"Okay . . .  Have a nice nap, babe." Ashton closed the door.

He went downstairs and knocked on Calum's bedroom door. No answer. He decided to come in.

The sight was hilarious, at the same time adorable. Michael, Luke and Calum were all snuggled up on the bed. 

Who knew taking care of an eighteen year-old girl would be so exhausting?





*hours later*

"Hey! Wake up, boys!" Ashton picked up a pillow and threw it at Michael.

"Ugh, stop. Five more minutes."

"We've got to go take Dylan to the doctors, remember?" Ashton was now pulling him form the legs.

"Let me go! I'll stand up." Michael stood up, "Don't they need to know?" He pointed to Luke and Calum.

"Leave them a note. We gotta go! Dylan's ready."

Once ready, they went to the living room, seeing Dylan on the couch, Shadow asleep on her lap.

"That dog never leaves your side, does he?" Michael asked her.

"It doesn't bother me." She answered. 

"Let's go, guys. I don't wanna be late." Ashton told them and grabbed the car keys form the coffee table.





"Dylan Hayes?" A nurse called. The boys stood up with her and followed the nurse to a room down the hallway.

"I hate hospitals." Dylan told them, she didn't like the white color on every single thing, she hated the smell of it, she didn't like knowing someone, somewhere on this building, is dying, or it's about to die.

"It's not bad." Ashton told her.

"Every time I come to a hospital it's something bad."

She came last year for a broken arm, when she was ten for falling off her bike and spraining her ankle, when she was six because of her grandma being extremely sick, when she was four to see her grandfather take his last breath, when she was two because she tripped and fell down the stairs. Every single one, were horrible experiences.

"They are just making some tests to see what is wrong with you." Michael told her.

The door opened to reveal a man dressed in the typical doctor outfit.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Grey. What seems to be the problem with Dylan?" He was maybe in his late twenties, blond hair, blue eyes.

"She's had trouble keeping down food for about five days now, it won't go away, whatever she has."

"I see, does she have a boyfriend?"

"Uh, yes. Yes she does." Ashton was expecting this questions.

"Okay, the nurse will come in to takes some blood samples, the results will be done about twenty minutes after that." The doctor went out the door and in came a nurse.

"Okay, Dylan. We'll just take some blood samples to determine what's going on with you." Dylan looked at her confused.

"Oh, yeah. Um, she can't hear you." Ashton told her.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." She turned to Dylan and smiled at her, Dylan was still confused and looked over to the boys for help.

"She's taking some blood samples to test and see what's going on with you." Ashton told her.

Dylan nodded. 

Half an hour later, the Doctor came through the door with some paper in his hand and a smile on his face.

"Congratulations Dylan! You're pregnant!" 






"What's going on?" It annoyed Dylan that no one was using sign language so she could understand why the doctor was smiling and why Michael and Ashton looked like they wanted to murder someone.

"Dylan, you're...." Michael couldn't say it, afraid of how she was going to take it.

"You're pregnant, with Luke's baby." Ashton told her.


It kept ringing in her head, over and over. When it finally sink in, she smiled. She's always wanted a baby! She loved kids, she wasn't planning  for one to come this earlier but she couldn't back up now.

"Oh My God! Really?! I can't wait to tell Luke!" She was really happy and you could see it.

"Wait . . . you are okay with this?! You're eighteen years old! Not old enough to take care of yourself, much less a baby!" Michael was mad. . . . again.

"I can and I will have the baby! You can't tell me what to do with my life!" She hated fighting with Michael but what could she do?

"Michael! Stop it! it's her decision and you can't change it! It's her and Luke's life now, don't interfere." Ashton was mad at Michael, he had no right to decide things for Dylan.

"Ugh, fine. I'm sorry, babe." He came over and hugged her. 

"Honestly, It will be fun to be an uncle."

"You'll be the best one ever." Dylan told him.

"Who says I won't be his or her favorite?" Ashton was even more excited at this.

"Now all that's left is to tell Luke and Calum."





"I'm going to be a what?!" Calum was shocked to say the least. Luke was jumping and smiling the minute Dylan told him.

"An uncle, get over it." Michael told him.

"How far are you?" Luke asked her. The smile never leaving his face.

"Two weeks, maybe three." She smiled.

"Aww, I'm so happy for you guys." Calum had got out of his shocked state and run to hug Dylan.

Shadow wanted to be a part of whatever was happening and started to bark and run around the living room, trying to get someone's attention. Dylan noticed and scooped him up in her arms.

 "We should go baby shopping tomorrow!" Calum exclaimed, Ashton agreeing almost immediately. They were so excited about this whole 'Dylan having a baby' thing.

"The baby is not even a month old." Dylan stated.

"So?" The four boys exclaimed.

"Fine, we'll go shopping." The boys cheered.

Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.



Are there any boys reading this story?? If there are, hii, I want to know who you are. Don't be afraid to comment.

Stress is already making it's way to my body D: #F*ckSchool

I hope you like the chapter, i already have some ideas for the #SeriousDrama coming up on the story. 

I have four papers, two exams and I don't know what else due next week. I'll probably take a little bit more to update.

I HATE SUMMER, we are at 31 degrees Celsious in Perù and trust me, that''s more than my body can take, we are normally at 27 degrees so imagine how annoying it is.

I'm sitting down doing nothing and I'm already sweating. #KillMe

ANYWAY, love you guys...


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