American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


12. //Girl//

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"It's so beautiful." Dylan said.

And it really was. The soft glow the moonlight gave was all they needed. The stars formed patterns in the sky, giving them a way to pass time.

It was a small clearing, at the shore of a lake. They had set up some tents and the boys were bringing some wood to light up a bonfire.

Except Luke. He stayed behind with Dylan.

"It is." Luke replied. Dylan was lying in between his legs, her back to his chest. It was comfortable.

They were in the back of the pick-up truck; where Michael haf filled it with pillows and blankets.

No words were needed between them. They were happy with each other's presence. It was comforting.

Dylan liked Luke. It was obvious. She wants him, she wants to be more than a friend to him. Would it work? Does he want the same? Should she ask him? No, that would seem desperate. Dylan doesn't want to come off as a clingy girl.

She could imagine them being together. She could imagine the first date, a walk down the beach, having dinner. She could imagine the little thing. Like holding hands, a kiss to the cheek when she least expected it.

She could imagine a life with Luke. He was the perfect boy. Sweet, a gentleman, caring. Everything a girl could wish for.

It would be a perfect life.

She turned her head to look at him. He was looking up at the sky. He must've felt her looking at him, more like staring. He looked down at her.

Their faces were so close, she could feel his soft breaths on her lips. He looked her in the eyes, then glanced down at her lips.

He was getting closer, Dylan's heart was beating fast and hard. She could feel the heat on her cheeks.

He kissed her.

And God it felt good.

His lips were so soft, delicate over hers. He was careful. She obviously kissed him back.

Who wouldn't?

It was like a movie. It felt like a movie. Them kissing under the moonlight. It was perfect.

They were out of breath by the time they ended the kiss. It had felt like forever what only were seconds.

She smiled at him. He smiled back.

"That was amazing." He said. She laughed a bit.

"It was." She was still looking him in the eyes.

"I like you Dylan, a lot actually." Luke said, a piece of hair had fallen on her face, he pushed it behind her ear, letting his hand linger on her cheek.

"I like you too Luke. I thought you didn't feel the same." She shyly said. Luke eyebrows furrowed.

"That's funny, because I felt like you didn't like me the same way I do." He said.

"And what would that way be?" She asked.

"In more ways than a friend." he smiled. He leaned dow to kiss her again, which she gladly accepted.

The next ten minutes consisted of them talking and Luke's sneaky kisses. Dylan blushed every time.

"C'mon, we're going to light up the bonfire." Michael said.

Luke helped Dylan to get down from the truck, they went over and saw Ashton trying to light up the wood.

"This is impossible." Ashton said. How hard can it be?

"Well it is if your're using the old school way." Michael's tone was annoyed.

"I wanted the full camping experience." Ashton sat down in one of the blankets Dylan brought over.

"You idiot." Calum simply said.

They kept bickering back and forth, while Dylan and Luke sat down in another blanket. Her back against his chest, her legs between his.

They finally managed to light up the wood. It's warmth brought chills to Dylan's body, it was hot compared to the low temperature of the woods.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. She felt arms wrap around her. Dylan cracked open one eye to look up at Luke.

He smiled and kissed her lips, quickly so the other ones wouldn't notice.

Too bad that one did notice.

Michael raised an eyebrow at what he just saw. He saw how Dylan smiled at him and he smiled back. So it was intentional. Interesting. He would ask her about it later.

Dylan suddenly remembered something. She untangled herself from Luke and went over to the front seats of the car. She grabbed the items she was looking for and returned to her spot with Luke.

"You brought marshmellows?" Luke asked.

"Yeah, want one?" She offered a marshmellow to him. He took it and put it on one of the stick things she also brought.

Dylan made some more and passed them to the other boys.

They roasted them in the fire. Then Dylan brought out more stuff.

"Cookies and chocolate? For what?" Luke asked. Seriously? Doesn't he know what a s'more is?

"S'mores!" Calum and Michael yelled and went running over to Dylan and started making one.

"What is that?" Ashton asked.

Calum and Michael gasped dramatically. A hand was brought to their chests.

"You've never had one? Oh my God. . . Do you live in a cave or what?" Calum said to him.

Dylan rolled her eyes at the two kids. She took the one she made and offered it to Ashton.

"Try it, it's really good." She said. And it really was.


"How many did you have?" Luke asked the three boys who were laying on the grass, their hands grasping their mid section.

"Ugh, I don't know." Ashton said.

"You idiots." Dylan told them.

"Shut up girl, it's your fault." Michael told her. He received a glare in return.

"How on earth is it my fault?" She asked.

"You brought all the stuff to make them and now we are suffering because of you." Calum explained.

"Lucky for you, I was expecting this to happen so I brought some medicine for you guys."

She took out the bottle out from behind her back and kneeled down to give it to the boys.

When she stood up again, the three sick boys were asleep.

"Too strong?" Luke asked.

"I guess." Dylan brought over some extra blankets to cover them.

"You are just going to leave them there?"

"Yeah, if they wake up they can go inside the tents." She said.

Dylan and Luke climbed up on the back of the truck and snuggled into all the blankets and pillows. Somehow Dylan ended in Luke's arms.

The fell asleep that way, but not without Luke kissing her goodnight.





[[author's note]]

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