American Sign Language

The story of Luke Hemmings and Dylan Hayes. In which they show how being deaf doesn't stop you from falling in love.


8. //Girl//

/Next Morning//

Dylan was sad. Luke seem like a nice guy, she wanted to know him better. She wanted a friend apart from Calum and Michael. Not that she didn't love them, but they can be a handful at times.

Like now for example.

She was a little mad at them. They could've left the boy and her alone, for them to talk. But no, being the overprotective friends they were they dragged her out. She saw them as brothers. She knew they could get out of hand at times.

They were on the couch, while Dylan was pacing in front of them. She had her thumbnail between her lips. a nervous habit she has developed when nervous. Which is also the reason why her nails are all different sizes.

"You guys just can't drag me out like that! I wanted to talk to him! He seemed like a nice guy." The boys didn't talk so Dylan kept going.

"I know you guys just want to keep me safe, but at least let me talk to Luke, he isn't a bad guy. Didn't you see how nervous he was just because he said hi? How he looked at you a little scared?"

The boys nodded.

"We're sorry Dylan. It won't happened again." Michael said.

Dylan nodded and went to her room. Calum went to ask if she wanted to go out for lunch.

She nodded and changed into comfier clothes, some shorts and a t-shirt will do.

The decided to go out for pizza, well Michael decided, the other two were too busy on their phone to pay attention to him.

Arriving at the place, pepperoni pizza was order. The three were at a booth in the corner of the room. Pizza arrived and they started eating, chatting about various things. The road trip was a main topic. It was supposed to start a week from now, if everything went as planned.

"We should go to a beach, or a forest maybe?" Calum was suggesting things. The trip was supposed to last three weaks at least. Maybe a month. The three fo them had enough saved up money. The boys didn't want Dylan spending anything, since this was her birthday present; but she had decided she would sneak her money with the boys', to feel she wasn't taking advantage of them.

"The beach please!" Dylan said with a smile. She couldn't wait really. She imagined the back of Calum's pick-up truck filled with blankets and pillows, when they wanted to rest at night they could just sleep there, instead of paying for a hotel.

"Let's go? We can go to the mall. I'm in the need of new videogames." Michael pleaded. It wasn't far anyways. Plus, they didn't have anything better to do.

Apparently, the mall is a place for reunions.

Seems like someone wants these two together.

Dylan saw Ashton and Luke not to far away from them. She wanted to go and say hi. Would Michael and Calum allow it? Ugh, perks of having over protective 'brothers'.

"Can I go say hi to Luke and Ashton? Please?" Dylan asked them.

She saw them hesitate. So, Dylan put into practice her puppy eyes. Which apparently works on her two best friends.

So here she was, on her way to talk to Luke and Ashton. She was nervous, what would she say to him? She could feel the stares of Calum and Michael burning holes in her back.

She rolled her eyes at that feeling. She noticed Ashton nod his head at her, making Luke turn around. She blushed when she saw his face light up at the sight of her.

"Hi Luke, Hi Ashton. . ." She smiled at them.

"Nice to see you again Dylan." He smiled back at her. He turned to Luke. "I'm going to go talk to Michael and Calum, okay?" Luke nodded.

Dylan thanked Ashton mentally, she glanced back at her two boys and saw them frown at the sight of Ashton walking towards them.

Then they glared at Luke.


She looked back at Luke, "Want to go for a coffee or something?" He offered. She blushed and nodded.

They went to a coffee shop a little further into the mall.

Luke ordered and payed for her coffee like the gentleman he is. She blushed, yet again. She felt a warm feeling in her chest whenever Luke was around her.

The talked and laughed for a long time. Various topics being discussed. The smile never leaving their faces. When they saw the sky turning shades of orange and pink, they went back to the entrance, where the other three boys were.

Michael and Calum noticed the smile on Dylan's face. They also noticed Luke's fingers laced with Dylan's.

They didn't know whether to smile or frown at that.

First option seemed like the better one.

Ashton said his goodbyes as well as Luke. Dylan said her goodbyes, a hint of sadness in her gestures.

She obviously didn't expect a kiss on her cheek.

Luke's lips felt soft against her skin. She wanted to savor that feeling because she didn't know if it was going to last.

Ashton and Luke went to one side of the parking lot while Michael, Calum and Dylan went to the opposite side.

The boys could sense Dylan's happiness. The smile on her face has yet to wipe off. Her cheeks are starting to hurt.

She felt dizzy, the feeling in her stomach never leaving. She like Luke.

She was really hoping the feeling was mutual.

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